Saturday, June 1, 2013

PICTURE-BOMB! (and update ofc)

Hi sweeties <3 

How are u? Im great, sorry for not updating but I have had shitloads with stuff at school and I am graduating next week, NOW ON WENDSDAY! <3 

Cant wait for that. I bought out my schoolcomputer, but since they restored it it has been a lot crappier. The whole layout has changed, the graphics looks REALLY weird even thow I updated it to Windows 7 from Vista.
This Windows 7 doesn't look like it did at first when I had the computer.. Something about the graphics that really disturbs me, I have to take a closer look to it..
Even the blog looks really weird when I am visiting it with my computer when I know it doesn't look like that, lol.

Anyways, here is a lot of pictures that I have taken put never posted it up here on the blog so I collected everyone of them so here is some real good blog material for you guys -

trying out my graduation dress that I fetched out from the post, here is what is looks like. :) 

me with ma kisse-cat <3

accidently took a real close-up on the face, but I liked this one thow, lol.

graduation dress and a very dirty mirror/shitloads with things in the background, lol.

ma new jacket

Yeah, there is a lot  of pictures, lol. I noticed that I really am a person that changes my looks all the time, I look quite different on the pictures depending on the makeup, lenses etc.

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