Monday, June 3, 2013

Pictures when I fixed my nose again, BEFORE/AFTER!

Omg, I totally forgot to post these pictures. I went with Sandra and fixed my nose with a filler called Stylage. I went to Adeli Klinik that is placed in Söder Stockholm. It is really easy to find it, when you take the train to Stockholm Södra you go out, then go across the street right ahead of you and turn right then just keep on walking until you see it. It is really easy to find the place.

The man who fixed my nose was really good he explained to me and Sandra how diffirent fillers works and what they are for and even gave us a history lesson in the different fillers, lol
He was really nice and caring, he actually took his time and really went for our requests while at Lifestyle Clinic here in Stockholm, they are a little bit more famous but way more expensive, they just want to get it done instead of taking the time and actually fix something but it can also be nice if you are in a hurry but it doesn't feel like it is such a good service on Lifestyle Clinic compared to what I experienced here at the Adeli Klinik

The process took 1-2 hours since it was only me and Sandra there and we tried a different filler this time. Last time we did it with 0,5 ml with Restylane which is a more thinner substance while with Stylage there is different volyms and works in different way and it is more harder. 
If it is harder that means it is more painful, which it totally was!! 

The first time I did the Restylane was at Lifestyle Clinic. 
Sure, I was very pleased at first but it was such a shame that it didn't last long at all. 
After a month or 2 the Restylane was already gone.
The great thing with fillers is that they are not permanent. They wear off after some months. 
This time, when I fixed my nose at Adeli Klinik in Söder I choose another substance called Stylage. I choose L while Sandra choose M for her lips. 

Here is some during/before/after pictures -

that one right under the nose was REALLY painful, damn!

The before picture from the side


Side again

Right after we went and celabrated, you can see some scars from the needle that the shot was going in 

and now, all healed. The bump is gone and I fixed the tip going up a little bit more. :)
a cellphone picture 3 days after :)

Well, that was about it. I tried to get all the information about my nose-fillers that I've had and the different experiences.

To sum things up -
First time Lifestyle Clinic Stockholm 0,5 ml Restylane
This time Adeli Klinik Södra Stockholm Stylage L 1 ml
(which is a whole shot and a lot stronger and more painful)

Mention my name if you go there to Adeli Klinik which I really recommend and mention my name to get 20% off ! 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask on Blogresponse or here in the comment section and I will answer them the fastest way I can. 

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  1. Jawa! Congratualtions to your exams! I see that the pics are from Tumba, right? I got a rhinoplasty as a birthday present from my family and Swedens best plastic surgeon on rhinoplsties did my surgery in Skärholmen. I only payed 24900kr to take away the hump and make my tip smaller and narrower. A link to the clinic I think your nose looks fine after the injections. Sweet that you get a reduction on the price om your injections. I payed a lot for my injections to get my nose straight.