Saturday, July 27, 2013

Im back from zante!

Hi sweethearts <3
I am back from greece. Omg, it was so much fun, crazy nights out and lovely days at the beach or the pool. I had a lot of fun that it felt like the time just passed by so quickly even thow I was there 11 days. :)
Right now I am back ro Stockholm, came back on tuesday but I've had a lot to deal with so I wasn't able go update, sorry sweeties. <33
Btw, I also got tattoed. I got 2 bows om each thigh, the backside of the thighs. The reason why I still haven't taken any pictures of them is because they are still healing. I also have the worse sore right above my tattoo on my ass and it looks really grosse. So I rather NOT show that so we just have go wait out the wound until its healed. ;)

Sorry guys but I didnt take many pictures at all. Just some with my cellphone. Here they are -

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