Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Moving Back. Man Of Steel. Update. Photography.

Hi sweeties <3 

This is like, the biggest update ever. If you have been following my life here on the blog I told you guys that I moved in with my sister for a while since I couldn't live at home because of all the drama. My mother was not even here in Sweden during that time, she was in Turkey for a month.

During that month and a week after she left I moved in to my sisters place. I was as well during this period of time in Greece, Zakynthos.
I felt much better of getting away from everything, a month did a whole lot for me. Mentally and physically. I learned some new things about myself, came to some sort of conclusion and my anxiety/panic attacks were gone for a while.

Now the reality hits me back when I moved back home, but I did it because my mother came back today and things here have ACTUALLY changed. I honestly didn't believe my brother and my roomate that they would do ANYTHING they said that they would do. Usually things that came out from their mouth is just pure bullshit and I have been very betrayed, many times from them.
I always try to see the best in them but that haven't lead me to anything good, just ending up getting upset/hurt.

But I see things now, more clear than ever. We all needed to be apart from each other for a while. That means not living under the same roof together. Things are looking up now and I have for once, found some sort of safety and stability, for now. Hopefully things will remain this way.

Anyway, the past 2 days Sandra was with me, we have taken some really cool pictures but I will upload them later.

Btw, I saw the movie Man Of Steel today when I came home. Me, my brother and our roomie went to see it. The movie was awesome. I love everything about the DC and Marvel Comics, ever since I was a child. I had been waiting so long to see this movie and to see a superman movie being done (finally!!) and they covered up most of the questions and the storyline really good. I liked it a lot.

The guy who plays the Superman is really hot as well. :$ 

Here is some sneakpeak photos from the small "photoshoot" as well -

There is a lot more pictures, but I will upload them later, so stay tuned. :*

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