Sunday, July 7, 2013

Plans for this week. (Update)

Hi sweethearts <3 

Sorry for not updating but I have been very busy. I have not been able to update as much often as I usually do, I have even been quite hard to reach for these past 2 days since I kind of been stressed out with people wanting to see me and I have to plan everything and haven't done it yet since I have some important things to do before I go to Zakynthos (which is now on the upcoming Friday) so I have to plan everything.

This week I moved in to my sister's place. It is very chill here and I feel way better of living here then what I did back home honestly. I don't want to move back home, this so much better and I haven't had any anxiety attacks and I feel much more relaxed than what I usually do when I am living here.

Tomorrow is a new week so I have to plan everything since it is a busy week, so I thought that I will write down everything here and pin the dates on everything when I am going to do these things.

Monday - 

Buy some new stuff for my trip which includes: 

  • A new bikini 
  • some new underwear 
  • a new lipstick that I've always wanted 
  • tanning oil
  • sunscreen protection 
  • body lotion coconut from Kicks 
  • new deodorant (mine is almost out..) 
  • exchange the money from kronor to euro 
  • ciggarettes 
  • new shoes 

Tuesday -

  • Meeting up some friends from Jönköping that is visiting Stockholm. :)

Wendsday - 

  • Fetching my flat-iron and my curling wand from home and a travel bag 
  • Maybe see Man Of Steel if I have time 

Thursday - 

  • Pack things up
  • print out the tickets 
  • sleepover at Natta's place so that we can go to Arlanda the day after and take the flight. It is going to be very early in the morning.  

Friday - 


So that is my plans for this week. Many exciting things is going to happend so I am looking forward to it. :D

Right now I am going to watch my beloved show True Blood, blog when I can later on.

All the characters.
Love them all. <3

Jessica is such a beauty! <3 *-*

Best show ever.

Source: Google. 

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