Friday, August 16, 2013

About that girl..

I am going to share a story with you. A story that you all haven't heard. It is about a teenage girl. Not any teenage girl. She is 17. She goes second year of high school and she is already struggling with her life. She was great in school. Good attendence and was kind of a happy girl in general..

She had a great social life, she had many friends and both teachers and students liked her. She was a positive girl, even though she went through some really rough times in the past she always stayed true to herself. No matter what.

Then one day, her father became very sick. He had already diabetes and heart issues but he got very ill.. This girl had a hint of what was kind of coming to her but never ever would she think something so horrible could happened.
This man, the only one that meant everything for her and was her rock through storms, passed away. The one who thaught her everything she knows and made her the strong person that she was and had always been there for her was gone..

She had never earlier experienced death in her life before which came as a chock when she saw her superman (her father) lying dead infront of her. In that moment everything changed. Her whole life took a turn.

She was doing bad in school, drinking alcohol  almost everyday doing drugs (same thing there) and started to hang out with "bad people".
The girl who never liked drugs was stuck with it in the end and the drugs became her safety. She pushed away everyone that loved her. Didn't answer anyone when she got calls and lived a very shattered life at home with the family.. Atleast whats left of it..

She never went out, only when she was not to lazy to drag her ass down to school because she had to. Or to score. That was the only times she went out. Otherwise she spent all her time in the room with no one but the darkness and herself..

That was going on like this for a year. She have developed anxity/panic attacks (which she is still struggling with everyday). Good things have also happened despite everything. She has gradueted. She also have been better on not pushing/ignored the ones that she loved and she has been clean from drugs about 8 months now and drinks Only sometimes.

Unfortunetly she didnt have the best grades at the end but she did it. She went through School despite all the shit she went through and she misses her father very much still today. Especially now when she is very lost her in life at the moment and needs his advice.

She is ok, but everyday is a battle between her and her demons.

I know a story about a girl. A story that still goes on and haven't come to an end yet..

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