Friday, August 30, 2013

New Pictures. Update. New Squat Challenge.

Hi sweeties <3 

Today I have taken some really nice pictures, everything took 2 hours and I selected maybe 10 out of 100, lol. It is like that when you are picky and you have a hightech camera as I do. ;)

Just wanted to say that I will take pictures of my bow tattoos that I got on the backside of my thighs. Still haven't done it yet.. But I have taken a few other pictures though, hehe..

About the 30 days squat challenge. I am sorry for not updating at all on it and I have had a lot of questions about it but the thing is.. I really haven't followed the schedule, AT ALL. I just do them, so I wouldn't call it the 30 days squat challenge.. The thing is I followed it the 15 days of the schedule and then I stopped doing them. I don't know really why because it was going really well and I started to get good results, but now I just do them from times to times. Not according to the schedule.

About that as well, I found a new 30 day squat challenge that is waay more effective than just doing the squats. This one shows you different types of squats and excerises than the old regularly squat method and I think this one will really show results on the ass and not just on the thighs (which this 30 days squat challenge has done). ;)

Anyways, here is some pictures from today - 

Love y'all. TTYS :* 

(talk to you soon)

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