Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hi sweeties <3 

OMG, missed y'all so much. I know that many of you have been visiting my blog a lot lately becuase of the lack on udpates but I dont have any wifi atm. I have been trying to fix it since the last post I did but nothing has worked.

My friend suggested me to connect from the cellphone net and surf on it and that's what Im doing atm.
I am going to get myself an 4G usb-stick that I can surf on but I will pay for it every month and its up to 80 gb per month and I need it badly so why not.


Anyways, I have planning on going platinum blonde for a while. I will upload many inspiration pictures of it later, I have collected a few that I think you will like. ;)

I am not dead, I am still alive and YES, the pictures from the latest photoshoot will be the first thing that I will upload here on the blog when I got decent internet. So be patient with me sweethearts, I haven't forgotten about you! <3

Here is some funny pictures meanwhile that y'all can laugh to. This really describes me and my bestfriend Natta - 

source: Tumblr.

Hahahahahaha, omg, can't stop laughing at it!! xD 

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