Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pictures From The Photoshoot Is Up!

Hi sweethearts <3

About my latest post.. I never get personal here on the blog, atleast not THAT personal. But I felt like if you really wanted to know who I am, what my story is about there you have it. I will probably not write any more that personal things about me again.
I just had the worlds biggest anxiety attack when I looked at old pictures and then started to remember how everything was back then. Every thought and emotion just hit me in the face. Then I wrote it down on my blogger app and then posted it.. So yeah.. 

I try to keep my blog a negative-free zone because I feel like the blog is a very positive thing here in my life. I got lovely readers from all around the world and to see big numbers of visitors even though I haven't updated for a while it really warms my heart that someone out there, somewhere in the world is intrested in what I have to say or share. So thank you, whoever you are that is reading this, big hugs to y'all! <3 

Here is the pictures that you have been waiting for, as I said, I haven't had any internet and right now I am connected to my cellphone network (which sucks) so that I can upload it for you ;)  -

Remember, try to stay positve no matter how hard and impossible that may seem sometimes. There is good tihngs in life, just try to open upp your mind and see it. Your are great. <3 

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