Monday, August 26, 2013

The Real Life "Barbies"/Anime Dolls

Hi sweeties <3 
Have you all noticed that this huge trend of the real life anime/barbie dolls have spread like fire?
I think most of them are beautiful and even a little bit inspirational. But I think its extreme that most of them go through a lot of surgeries like taking out the ribs, fixing the nose and pump up the tits to achieve this doll look, but  not everyone does it Some just love the anime style and are really good at doing the makeup.

Here is the most famous ones - 

Valeria Lukyanova 

Anastasiya Shagina 

Laura Vinicombe

Anzhelika  Kenova 

All of them are russians except Laura, she is british and all of them have done surguries except Anastasiya, she is a really good makeup artist and has her own youtube channel when she shows how she does her makeup. ;)

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