Friday, September 27, 2013

Finding Some Sort Of Comfort When I Am Cold..

Hi sweeties <3 

Right now I am laying down in my bed with a swollen face and running nose and feeling ill at the same time as I feel sorry for myself.. It appears that I've got the cold. It sucks, I fucking hate it so much! ;@

I had actually plans for this weekend. I was planning on having a photoshoot and fetching out my black lenses as well that has arrived all the way from Malaysia.. I am also applying for a job, so I need to send på resumé and book an appointment for an interview by next week. Hopefully the cold will be gone ! :o 

Anyways, I saw that they have free shipping and 40%  discount on your entire order at ELF. But you need a promotion code for that, the free shipping is on the website but the 40% promotion code is on ELF's swedish facebook page. It is valid until tomorrow. So hurry if you want that! ;)
Everything was suppose to be £29.25 but with the code and free shipping I got it for £17.55 which is 188 kronor.

I have realized something. I have an serious issue, I've got a big shopping addiction. I got bills to pay and yet I still order shitloads with makeup while I still got plenty of it and don't even use most of it and it is everywhere and yet, I still order more makeup like it is the end of the world.. I really need to do something about it because that is not ok!

I have so much makeup now that I don't even know if I want to make a review of every single item that I own. It is really exhausting just thinking about it.. I should make a new rule for myself, don't buy any more makeup until I have reviewed all of my products. That is a good rule, huh? ;) 

But it was fun at the moment.. hehehehe.

Here is the stuff that I've ordered -

A lip exfoliater 
2x studio powder brush

shimmer facial whip in "spotlight"
lip liner in the shade "bark"
studio pigmented eyeshadow in "Golden Godess"
studio matte eyeshadow in "chestnut"
Studio matte eyeshadow in "brick"

baked blush in "passion pink "

That was the stuff that I've ordered, so now I am waiting in anticipation! :D

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