Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Placed Some Orders. Waiting To Recieve Some Good Stuff. ;)

Hi sweeties <3 

I don't have really much to update about except that I got some stuff that I ordered online that I am wating for. Mostly stuff from my wishlist, hihi. <3

I am thinking about doing some reviews on them, atleast the lip plumper. I hope it works, it was so cheap, only 3,5£ which is nothing. Read some stuff about this product and for some it works and for others its crap. But hey, it was only 3,5£ so I don't lose so much on it if it doesn't work, will probably give it away if it doesn't work on me. I just want a little bit more plump, nothing that special. I am pleased with my lips but somedays when you want to look extra sexy and plump those lips up without it looking all weird with the lip liners and stuff, this can come in handy. ;) 

I am still waiting for my Kat Von D foundation. I ordered it online last week, so it should be here during this week. I found a website that sells the foundation and is located in the U.K and ships to countries in Europe. I will do a review on the foundation and even put the link where you can buy it. I saw that Sephora doens't ship to Europe and the French Sephora website doesn't sell the Kat Von D products even though they ship internationally. So I had to pick it from another website and I ordered it and it is on it's way. :D 

I also ordered a couple of other stuff from Yves Rocher. I need to fetch it out, but I will do that during the week when I get all my other orders. I don't want to run around back and forward to get the stuff, so I just fetch them all out at the same time. Yes I am that lazy, lol. ;) 

The things that I've ordered - 

Proclé Lip Balm Volume Booster

Facial cleanser, the best one, tried it once before and it was amazing! <3
Micropeeling scrub for the face
Cream for the face as well, now I have all the products in this serie.
Real Technique  expert face brush

The Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation

Yay, it will be like Christmas all over again, except all the present are from me to myself!! <3

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