Sunday, October 13, 2013

About last night.

Hi sweeties <3
Yesterday I went to the movies with my big sister. We ate some food and afterwards we watched this new comedy movie with Jennifer Anniston. Damn, I totally want to look like her when I am around 40 years old.. She really does have an incredible body.. ;)

Anyways, when the movie was finished we went to O'Learys. She didn't drink any alkohol but I did. At the time when we went out from the Cinema I was already tipsy because I drank a half bottle of wine for myself, lol.

When we sat at O'Learys it was a football game between Sweden and Schweiz. Sweden won, woop woop! You should have seen how happy everyone at the bar was since O'Learys is a sportsbar, lol. :D
I drank 3 big and strong beers and when we was suppose to leave I was really drunk at that point. Her fiancé picked us up and they dropped me off and went home.

The thing is, my day was wonderful and perfect. I felt good the entire time and I was honestly really happy, for once. But then, as soon as I entered the door to my home my mood totally changed, just like THAT.
From being perfectly happy to really depressed and The perfect day ended in tears Into the night.. You can actually see on the pictures below from being really happy to depressed/sad? LOL. :s

Ofc I have to turn into a cry-baby everytime I drink and have a little bit to much, lmao.  Don't even know why I took this picture, I remember that I posted it on facebook and felt so sorry for myself but deleted it right away. So embarrissing, lol.

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