Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finally Starting To Get Things Done!

Hi sweeties <3 

As I wrote last time I was sick, having a horrible cold but it is finally over (I think) yey! :D
So I decided to get things done that I weren't able to do when I was sick (that includes laying in bed and feeling sorry for myself). The first thing I did today was cleaning the shithole so called my room and that is what I did. I changed the sheets, vacuum and mopped the floor. Dusted of the furniture and the curtains. Cleaned the mirrors and put all my makeup in a box and back to my makeup bag so my desk looks neat and orginazed. Even the stuff infront of my mirror I dusted it of and cleaned it.

My room is feeling soo much more fresh than ever. I can finally breath in here, lol. Also I paid my bills today, every last one of them and helped mom as well with it. So that feels really satisfying, I can relax for 2 weeks now until the next ones starts to pop up one by one (ugghh)..

I even took a long shower, I needed that badly. I feel reborn, I feel like a human again!! 
Had my hair-treatment in and peeled my body with my bodyscrub. I also shaved, oh dear lord, it was soo nice to do that! <3 

You know when you are sick you don't go where, you just lay in bed all day and night and feeling crap.. But when you do get better, that shower to cleanse all the sickness germs that sits on you ans it just washes away.. Yeah, that feeling.. <3 

Anyways, I have started to watch this program called "Breaking Bad". It is really good, I got totally hooked on it after just one episode. So I would really recommend it for you if you haven't seen it, check it out! ;) 

A picture that I took a while ago. I think it was in May? 

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