Sunday, October 27, 2013

Honestly.. I Think That The Swedish Blogger Kissie Is Awesome!!

Hi sweeties <3 

Omg, 2 days ago I was at a Halloween party and I was dressed as Harley Quinn. Unfortunetly I didn't have the time to take any pictures of it since I was in such a hurry. But there was someone who was taking pictures at the party so I got a couple that I will upload later. I got many compliments on my costume, so thank you for that. :*

Anyways, back to the topic. As you all know, the top blogger Kissie has been blogging for years and changed the blogworld complety. Around the years 2007-2010 she was Swedens biggest blogger. Why? 

Well I tell you why. She is kind of like the face out for Sweden, hate me or love me for saying it, but it is true, she is Swedens pride, lol. ;)

She was just around 18, starting these extreme diets, provoked people to their bones (even though I didn't really get to bothered by it, instead I loved it). It is said that she made young girls go on diets because everyone wanted to be as skinny as her, have these huge tits, the tan, big hair, big lips (she is very known for her lips, lol) and she was a trendsetter in that way.

I remember it, all the teenagers loved the tanned look and big teased hair and nude lips. It is still common today and you can see people walk around like that (love it) and she was the one that who putted that trend here and it has left its marks.

She was a real party girl and living a glamorous life. Today she is still a top blogger, but Kenza is now nr 1 blogger in Sweden. Alexandra "Kissie" Nilsson has toned down on the provoking and has really grown from this teenage girl to a real bussiness women. She owns an online clothing store today and is a lot more neutral in her appearance. She still is skinny, have huge tits and big lips (just stating out the obvious..) but she is really not the same she was a couple a years ago. I really do miss that time, I LOVED reading her blog back in the days. It was so much fun and exciting back then. :(

Nowadays all the bloggers are sooooo boring. It is all about fashion now and working out. Seriously, where is the fun in that?
Actually, it was Kissie that made me get in to fixing my nose with restylane and stylage. Didn't know it was possible until I saw it on her blog and it looked amazing on her, besides she was one of the first ones here in Sweden doing it and experimenting with fillers in the face, plastic surgery and so on (atleast for being a know person).

Today she has done an nose job (a real one, not just fillers), shaped her entire face with Restylane and made her breasts even more bigger (like they weren't huge enough on her tiny body). I liked her old style more, it felt like it was more real and not just going with the trend, she putted a trend, not the otherway around. Now she looks like any other blogger and honestly, I think she looked way better before than now, that is just my opinion. Loved the tan and the dark hair on her. But still, I like her, I think she is cool and honestly, inspirational.

Back in the days, these are from 2010-2011 

I love this picture, these were the best blogging days ever!

I think she looks perfect here! <3

Her hair, omg, love it!! <3

and now - 2013 

Disclaimer : I do not own any copyrights to these, all the rights are reserved to Kissie. I just used the Google Image search and picked out some pictures for the blog post.

What/which did you prefer, the old style or the new one? Let me know.  ;)