Friday, November 8, 2013

I Love Sheldon Cooper!

LOL, I've started following The Big Bang Theory, I usually watch it when it runs on TV but now I am totally hooked on it, I already watched 2 seasons in 2 days! :D 

I don't know why, I actually love the jokes and Sheldon makes me laugh so hard sometimes and the things they say in the show, just the random things makes me laugh the hardest. I never been a fan of it, just watched re-runs on TV when there is nothing on, but now, I am actually starting to like it, a lot. Maybe because Sheldon reminds me of me sometimes, he hates people (except his only few close friends) he doesn't really care about anything that much except himself (well, mostly) and he is the best and he knows it. I also love his view on love, he really reminds me about myself on that point! :D 

Do you watch the show and what do you think about it? Let me know. ;) 

Source: Tumblr.

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