Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Busy With The Holidays And Happy New Year!

Hi sweeties <3

How are you and how was your Chrismas? Excited for the New Years Eve?? I know I am. :D
Nathalie is coming over and her girlfriend comes here from a town outside Stockholm to celabrate with us, so they both will stay here a couple of days and we are going to party tonight! :)

I am soo excited, honestly, New Year is my favorite part/holiday of all the days of the year, even beats out Christmas imo.. This year's Christmas I got totally wasted, maybe a little bit to much since things go crazy with me when I get to drunk.. And I mean not in a good way...

Hopefully everything will go smoothly tonight, I am a little bit pissed at my inmates, they ruined my Christmas and almost ruined my New Year plans, well most of them anyway.. When I am thinking about it it really pisses me off. I am honestly really scared to get crazy when I drink which I easily do when I get in a bad mood. Well, that is BECAUSE OF THEM. They were nagging all Christmas on me and a friend of mine and never left us ALONE, it went on for HOURS until I blew up in their face and they got a taste of my anger... Fucking fucktards, gah, I hate them..

ANYWAYS, away with the negativity and in with the new positive energy, even if they are really ruining my vibe.

I really hope with all my heart this night goes better than I except it to be... Probably gonna end up crying in the toilet, whoop, best New Years Eve.. Not.

Here is a picture I took during Christmas. I was so not in the mood, I didn't have that Christmas feeling this year like I had last year and same goes with New Year.. You can actually see in this picture that I am in such a "fuck off" mode. Lol.

Have you done any New Year resulotions? I made one last year but I am not doing/having anyone this year. My only resulotion for this upcoming year is to get a job and make money and work. And blog better/more of course. That's all.

Happy New Year to y'all and thank you for following my blog. You followers/readers are the best. LOVE. YOU. ALL. <3

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