Thursday, January 9, 2014

About Imperfections And Perfection.

Hi sweeties <3 

This is my first blogpost in 2014. It is 5 in the morning, I cannot sleep and I was thinking about all kinds of random things and my mind came across imperfection.. Why did it do that you might ask yourself, well, I will tell you why and I thought this is important. I wanna speak up, I don't think that anyone will care or some of you will, I don't know, but lets get in to it.

Since I was a child I was teased for my nose, it is not a surprise actually, because it is big, to big for my face. My one and big imperfection sits in the center of my face. I am NOT flawless, I have my insecurities and imperfections. I don't have a seemless skin or the perfect tiny nose, but despite it, I still want it. EVERYONE  has something they are ashamed of, some sort of imperfection, not everyone sees it but you certainly do. It is not a secret boys and girls, everybody has them. I think it is time to stop thinking about them and accept that you are the way you are, sure, you can fix it if that will make you feel better, it is a choice we all make. But I think you should still be able to like yourself and see some sort of beauty in you. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways.

Know some of you that have been following my blog/know me well do know that I have fixed my nose, 2 times and I will fix it again. But I didn't do a surgery, I did it with a silicone based material that is not permanent and it is called Stylage. It really doesn't change your imperfections immediately, but it fixes it to a certain point where you feel more comfortable and you don't think about it so much and you feel better about yourself. What Stylage does is that it fills out the bumps and give an illusion of a smaller nose, but that doesn't mean that you get one, are you following on what I am saying?

Surgery are sure thing very dangerous and it is not guarentead that it will go perfectly smoothly. If you have a real bad luck it can get worse and if things really do go wrong you can die during the surgery or under THE HEALING process after surgery of an infection. It is true and it is a FACT. The doctors will never tell you that and some might even scam  you off your money and convince you to do the surgery even though they are not as qualified as they make you think they are. So PLEASE, if you ever do want to get one and have not overcome your imperfection and you still feel there is no other way out of it (which I totally get what you are going through, thats why I started with Stylage) then do it. But PLEASE do yout research of the doctor and see what he or she has done in the past and do a background check, for yourself so that things don't go bad.

Anyways, I think that if you recently found an imperfection of yourself and you feel bad/awful about it, try to overcome it, because trust me, it might not always be as bad as you may think it is. Also talk to someone. If you for example do have an imperfection that you feel is way to bad and you tried all of the things above, then sure, go for the surgery, but please don't take it as a first choice. Look at other options always, surgery is the last thing you wanna do to get rid of your imperfection/insecurity.
For me, all my life I have been teased for my nose and even if I don't show it, I feel bad about it. It is honestly my biggest insecurity. I have wanted an plastic surgery since I was 8 years old. So you can imagine how deep this one goes for me. Then when I turned 18, I discovered that their is other ways to fix my big problem, so I did it and I feel better. Sure, I don't think my nose is perfect but it is certainly not as bad as it was before. Seriously man, it was like a huge potatoe in the middle of my face, jesus..

Today, I don't see my imperfection as I used to do since I did something about it. But if that feeling comes back again I WILL do the surgery. I have been looking around for a good plastic surgeon and I've found one that can do the job. It will cost a lot of money, but you get what you pay for. Also remember that if you are considering plastic surgery in any form.

Here is 2 pictures of me, first with one of how I actually look like and the other one with the ideal look of me  -

another before and after 

OK, I suck at photoshop, I barely use it. I only use it for changing the color/shadows/contrast etc but never to actually change my looks. The more you stare at the second picture the more you get used to it and the more it looks better. Click on them to see the pics on fullscreen and you will get a better idea.

Now, I know many of you might be saying "you are perfect the way you are" but have I made my mind that means that I have it. I don't want to hear things like that, I am not seeking for attention, this is me doing it for MYSELF.

That is another important thing, if you ever feel like you want to do something about your "flaw" then do it for YOURSELF, not for anyone else. Seriously.
I am not a girl addicted to how other people look, I am not a shallow person, I am only a shallow person when it comes to MYSELF, honestly, I don't give a flying fuck of how you look, because I don't see that. I am to busy to see my own flaws than others. Just sayin'.

Anyways, I love you sweethearts, I think you are beautiful the way you are and I feel this blogpost is healthy for me and I hope it kind of helped you who are reading this, you know who you are. <3 
I am starting this as a project, I tag YOU with "imperfections and perfection" and I want you to write something that you consider a flaw and embrace it or share it with the world, because it is liberating to do so. And please, don't try to think of what other think of you, the most important thing here is how YOU see YOURSELF.

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