Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Busy With Taking A New Path In My Life.

Hi sweeties <3 

Omg, these past 2 weeks have been crazy, seriously. So much shit have been going on but also some really good things have starting to take turn. I guess I start with the good news. I finally got my appointment with my psychologist at a psychology reception center nearby where I live. It has taken me over a half year to get a place there for my panic/anxiety problems and I finally got it. The whole process has been a real tough journey but I am finally here and I am accepting all the help I can get to get me better. As I said before, this year I will really focuse on myself and try to get a job and deal with my inner issues that I've got. That is exactly what I am doing. 

I got in touch with a person who became a friend, she said that she wanted to help me and also help to find a job for me. The thing is, I don't know her so well, I have only spoken to her a few times so I thought honestly she was just saying that, just like everyone else does. People are good at talking but when it really comes to the point of doing all the things they've said they were gonna do they end up doing nothing. I believed that this was the case, but she called me today and I've talked about working in a tattoo studio and she said that she got me an interview !! :D 

I am so happy, because I really need a job but also something that I can see myself working with and I can see myself working at a tattoo shop. I just hope that I will get the job because I need it, bad... 
Now, not for the so good news.. My older half sister, has moved back home... With her kid.. My mental state really cannot take it right now, she is the worst person to live with. Trust me, when people meet her, after a couple of hours with her, they just want to run away. Imagine this person, live under the same roof as you 24/7. It was decided yesterday so I thought "fuck this, I don't deserve this shit." so I packed some stuff and left. I went to my brother so I live here atm.

I will only be in Norsborg (where I live) when I am going to my psochologist, otherwise I will spend my time here. That is also why I haven't had time to take any pictures with my camera, at all. Here is some quick cam pictures -

TTYS! :*

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