Saturday, January 25, 2014

Circle Lenses Review - Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green (model nr WMM-303)

Geo Contact Lens Princess Mimi Apple Green, a.k.a. Tsubasa Bambi Series Apple Green.This circle lens pattern is designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka, one of the most influential and popular Japanese teen model. I will do a full review on the Apple Green lenses. 

Brand: GEO Princess Mimi 
Color: Green
Price: $23.50
Diameter: 15.00
Water Content: 38-42%
Base Curve: 8.7
Type: 1 Year Disposal 
power range: 0.00 -8.00

These are from geocolouredlenses, directlink here - 

First picture taken in the car with bright daylight. The rest of the pictures is taken indoor with flash. 

Comfort: 3.5/5
Color: 5/5
Enlargment effect: 5/5
Natural eye-color: Dark Brown
My opinion - These lenses are super pretty and gives you that really dolly effect at the same time covers the natural color of your eye and make them look green as the lenses are suppose to do. However, I noticed, over time, these lenses got more and more uncomfortable to wear, which reduces the time of using them everytime I use them. The enlargment in the lenses are good, makes your eyes look bigger and the color payoff is great. But as I said, the comfort of these lenses are not the best when the time passes by, they dry out the eyes so have your eyedrops, very important. Also you can maximum year them 6 hours, then it will start to move around in the eye and doens't sit on place so you have to remove them. I didn't have the problem before, just recently got it, so have that in mind. Would I still recommend these lenses, of course, they are gorgeous and will look great on any eye color.
The company ship free worldwide and you always get a free lens case for every lens you buy. If you buy 5 pairs or more you get free express delivery. :)

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