Saturday, January 25, 2014

Circle Lenses Review - Geo Super Magic Black (model nr XCK-105)

This is my full review of these lenses, you can get them from geocolouredlenses, directlink to the product -

Brand: GEO 
Color: Black
Price: $21.90
Diameter: 15.8
Water Content: 38-42%
Base Curve: 8.6
Type: 1 Year Disposal 
power range: 0.00 -8.00

Pictures taken indoors with flash and last picture taken with natural daylight and no flash. 

Comfort: 5/5
Color: 5/5
Enlargment effect: 5/5
Natural eye-color: Dark Brown

My opinion - I really like these lenses, they make you eyes look black but blends in beautifully with your natural eyecolor, especially if you have darker eyes, like mine. The almost star-like shape of the lenses gives the eyes that really cool effect and if you have light eyes, these lenses will look absolutely gorgeous and killer on you!! The lenses are really comfortable even though they are bigger than regular lenses. The enlargment of the eyes is huge but it looks adorable and the color payoff is great. 
One thing about these lenses, I have never ever had a problem with circle lenses before, but I got this model and they were damaged. Not the packing or anything, it was something really off with the lenses, so I contacted the company, sent a video proof and demonstrated what was the fault with the lenses and they are quick to answer and they even sent me a pair of new ones for free, so I was really happy that they did that. Super sweet, because the lenses before I had to throw them away just because they were actually damaged and not useble. So the costumer service is the best one ever, and remember, they have free worldwide shipping and you always get free lens cases with you lenses. :)

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