Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally, Phone Cases For Android!! :D

Hi sweeties <3 

Right now I am back home, which means that last week has been very helpful. I really needed to get that break. Anyways, I will blog about it later on.

Now, ever since Iphones started with the cute phone cases I have always been jelly on the ones who have it. I really think the cases are so cute since they come in different styles/designs/prints and I think that they make your phone look a lot more personal. I've randomly saw it on that they sell awesome phone cases, that are affordable and they have them for all android phones!! :D

I have the Xperia V phone, they have cases in their later models as well and for samsung galaxy, HTC, Nokia.. Well, you name it, as long as it is an Android phone, they have it! ;) 

I searched on Ebay as well, since there you find a lot more bigger collection of the android phone cases and all of them have free shipping and they ship worldwide, so for you my international readers, look up your phone model and then put "case" after it, click search and there you have it. ;) 

The first 2 is from the rest is from Ebay that include free shipping worldwide. Click on the picture to get directly to the product. 

These are the ones that I want  - 

As you may see, there is a looot more cases out there, these are just a very few of hundreads of them!!
I want them all and I want more but there is to much to put in one blog post, lol. They are all around 5 pounds which is 52 kr and they all have free shipping. The seller of these cases is located in the U.K and if you are going to buy from Ebay you have to have a Paypal account. If you don't have it, get it, it is free and makes the online shopping a lot more easier. ALSO, these cases are all from the same Ebay seller, so if you make a multi-purchase you can ask the seller to put everything in one big order instead of him/her sending it one by one you get all of them at the same time. Good huh? ;) 

Most of these cases also have different designs of the same theme, so click on the pictures to get to the products. You are welcome btw ;) 

TTYS- :*

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