Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Looking So DOLLY + Quick Update! :*

Quick update on everything. I just played around with my camera and tried out some new functions but unfortunately my battery in the camera died on me because it was running low already and I haven't charged it for ages, also, I haven't been using it since I was gone for a week. I left the camera home, but I missed it, so played around with some feautures (which I thought was quite hard to understand) and while doing it I checked out some pictures in my memory card. I found this, it was the latest pictures that I took but never uploaded, I don't know why.. I like this picture, it is cute, I really look like a doll with my black circle lenses, hihi. <3 

Anyways, I am looking forward to use my camera again, I underestimated my camera a lot but not being able to use it for some time, you really appraciate it much more. <3

BTW, today I couldn't meet my bff, I realized that my buscard was out of money, I used the last of it yesterday when I came home from my psychologist. So that sucked, but obviously I will load it again with money during the week and try to see her, because I really do miss her. If you see this Kimberly, sorry again... :(( <3 

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