Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Today's inspiration - Mila Kunis

Hi sweeties <3 

I am starting this day off with some pictures of the absolutely stunning actress Mila Kunis. She is in the famous movies such as "Black Swan", "Friends with benefits", "Ted", "Gia" and she does the voice for Meg in family guy.. Yeah, this hot girl is doing Megs voice for those of you who didn't know that. And she is in the  "That 70's show", I have watched ALL the seasons and I am in love with it.

Fun fact about her - you know that one of her eyes is in another color? That is because she used to be colorblind on one of them (can't remember exactly which one, sorry) but she recently did a surgury to correct it and she did. So know you know that, you can actually see in some pictures that one of them is a bit more brown than the other. ;)

Anyways, enjoy - 

Source: Google, Tumblr.

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