Monday, January 27, 2014

Update + Some New Selfies!

Hi sweeties <3 

Today I went to see my psychologist and the doctor at the same time. The meeting went well, I will see my psychologist a couple of times now then I don't know what will happen. The doctor suggestions were medication because he thinks I will need it later on and they don't think that just having therapy is enough.. Well, I feel a bit confused and... Indifferent after the meeting, not a feeling that I am used to get afterwards, this was a new feeling, a kind of weird one and at the same time not. Hmm, I don't know what I feel about this whole thing anymore, I mean I spend a lot of my money on this so I truly hope it will be worth it in the long-terms and I am scared that this is just something temporary and I feel I need more meetings and I feel that I just started with this whole therapy thing and don't want it do end when I start to get the help that I need.

So many thought, so little time and money.. Anyways, here is some pictures of my casual lazy monday look -

First picture is taken with a low ISO and different setting than I am used to. The other ones are taken with the same setting that I usually go for and infront of my window which allows natural light in the pictures. I thought since I don't have any makeup on, just my mascara, I smacked some Wet And Wild lip paint on my lips in the color "back to fuschia" which is a really bright strong pink, unfortunetely the camera doesn't pick up the color since it is soo bright and strong. It is also a little bit messy since I stressed in the last minute doing this. Lol.

TTYS - :*

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