Sunday, February 23, 2014

Todays Inspiration - Emilia Clarke (Khalesi Games Of Thrones)

Seriously, the only reason I actually watch the show sometimes it is because of her. She is so fierced and beautiful and I love her storyline in the show games of thrones, you all who watch this show or have seen it will know who she is so I don't have to tell you much more about that. ;) 

source: Tumblr.

Friday, February 21, 2014

10 Things To Know If A Guy Plays You

Hi sweeties <3 

I know that my latest blogpost was very negative, I am not going to apologize for it because this is my blog, that is what I felt like at the moment and I just needed to get it out of my system, now you know that.

Anyways, I have been thinking about certain things when it comes to guys/boys, as a single girl I am talking for myself and my experinces and friends experiences with this so called "love" life. If you are a girl this will be probably fun to read, if you are a guy and you can relate to any of these things... Well, start thinking again because these tricks obviously don't work and we girls know what you are up to, even if we play stupid or even "play along" we know exactly what you are thinking and what you are up to. ;) 

If you are  younger and just starting of with love, these is some advice that will be helpful for you so you don't fall for these games/tricks and it's something you should probably watch out for, lets get started -

  • 1. Giving you compliments, often with a hidden thought
This is a CLASSIC. If a guy tells you that you are pretty, sexy, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen (this applies for when you chat on facebook, kik etc) and you just starting to get to know him, know this, he is probably telling you all those things to make you feel special and in that way, you have to give him something that he wants. He is just probably after getting laid and in this way, he makes you think he is serious but when you have it with this guy he is just going to be moving on to the next. Not all compliments have a hidden thought but most guys think like this, so have that in mind and don't fall for anything that a guy says/tells you. 

  • 2. Trying to compromise 
This type of guy, he thinks he is making you some sort of "favor" and he will make you think that he is all nice and sweet and that, but  then, he wants you to give something back by pursuing you into something you might not feel comfortable with and tries to gult trip you into doing that by saying something like "well, I bought you this/I did this for you baby, can't you please do it for me?" That is a trap, don't fall for that. If this guy isn't your boyfriend or someone that you really know, than this guy is trying to lure you into sex. 

  • 3. Text/call you whenever it suits just him
This is another classic. The guy starts to write to you whenever he feels like it, even though you tried contact him and he doesn't answer until a week later or two, this guy is just not that in to you. He is not serious and he just wants to have fun, if you are not in to that and you feel hurt/sad of what he is doing, stop talking to him. If you feel hurt now and keep on having the "contact" that you barely have, it will get worse and in the end he will stop talking to you completely and you sit there all bummed. 

  • 4. An ex calls you after 100 years
This one is for those who have someone that they had some sort of contact with or something intimate and then this guy shows up out of nowhere and is all like "hey, whats up? want to hang out this weekend?" Just don't. There is nothing more annoying than this. 

  • 5. Suggest Sex 
This is not a guy you should take serious, AT ALL. He is very clear that he is just after one thing, one thing only and that is sex or something sexual. Don't try to think that he is prince charming or that he really likes you in a special way and that is why he wants to do it with you. If you are not into that, say no. Most of these guys will probably start nagging on and on about it but stand your ground and say NO. He is nothing else than a douchebag and he probably goes around to a lot of other girls. ;) 

  • 6. Adding your girlfriends on facebook
This is someone you are probably starting to get to know on fb (internet in general) or someone you might already have met irl and known for some time. If you have noticed that he is adding all your girlfriends, especially those that you don't talk to or have any special contact with that is a big chance that he is making a move on them just the same way he is making one on you. 

  • 7. Telling other girl's the same things he tells you 
If you are talking to a guy that you start to like and you see on facebook/instagram or any social media that he is commenting a girls photo that she is hot and he just done the same to you, that means you are not that special to him and you should stop talking to him. That is kind of the same as nr.6, he is telling these girls the same thing as he tells you or talk to them in the same way he is talking with you and that goes in hand with adding your girlfriends on facebook. Not necessary but close enough. 

  • 8. Jumping from one girl to the another 
He is first with you, then with someone else, or maybe even a friend. He is with different girls all the time, that pretty much sums it up. 

  • 9. Bragging 
He says that he is so hot, every girl wants to be with him, he has been with over 100 chicks and so on. Same goes there. He is not a serious type of guy obviously and he just wants to have fun. 

  • 10. Saying that he has feelings for you 
This is the one that most girls fall for and it is quite tricky to figure out if he is serious or not. He might be serious when he says that he have feeling for you but some real skilled players play this card a lot and usually works and it ends up with you having a broken heart. Especially if it is someone that you are starting to like. Be careful with this one and take your time, if he is still there after all this time you have been thinking about it, that means he is for real. If not, he is just probably faking it to get into your pants girl. 

NOTE - These points are for someone who is looking for a serious relationship, if you are not, you don't have to care about these because it won't get to you as someone who wants to get involved in a serious relationship. That is my 10 things to know if a guy is a player, this was actually fun to write. I want other younger girls to learn from my mistake because believe me, I had my heart broken pretty bad because of some of the things I mentioned above. 

If you are a guy and get offended by this, I am sorry but this is the truth and this is what most of the guys me and my friends have met and are like this. So yeah.. 

Good luck girls ;)

Hair Inspiration Part 2


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Think I Know What I Want To Do With My Life..

Funny thing about life, everything is about money, education, having an apartment, good job, perhaps a family, get married, work at a boring job until the day you die and you honestly call that happiness?

Yesterday I met my best friend Kimberly, I haven't seen her for over 7 months since she moved. We started to talk about life, what really makes you rich and and what I want from this short time I have on earth. I wasn't thinking so much about it until now even though we talked about it for hours.
Right now I am sitting here, smoking my cigarette 7 o'clock in the morning and just thinking, about life, my future, what I want to do.

Honestly, I have been into makeup for some time, I want to work with it, but at the same time, that isn't really my life goal. I don't have any goals here in life. I am always tired, not motivated to do ANYTHING and I think I just came up with the reason why.
Everything that I burnt for, my passions, my plans and EVERYTHING is dead and gone. It died with my father, because all of my plans that I had I had it with him. He would've helped me with all of it, we discussed it for YEARS and I almost had it all figured out, it was just some details in my future plan that needed to be fixed, then I was set to go. Live my life as I wanted to and be happy.

I am not happy, I don't know what to do with my life and as it looks like right now, this is certainly not something that I want or have ever planned for me. I AM SICK of living this way, is this really all I have, in my life?? Is this called living..?? I don't know. Worst part is that I don't even feel motivated enough to do anything about it. That is why I am lazy, that is why I am the way I am, I don't want to do anything that I am "suppose to do". I feel so fed up with all this bullshit and nonsense that EVERYONE is feeding me with. You have to do this or else you can't do that. Then here is my question, why the fuck not?

I am a girl who has always walked my on path, these past 2-3 years, I have followed others path, done what everyone else have been telling me to do and not do. Honestly I don't even know what I want when someone ask me that question of what I want to do with my life, but is it so fucking wrong to not know what I want?? Why is it such a hurry about EVERYTHING?

I believe in faith, I believe in destiny and I believe that everything is happens for a reason. Today, I visited a girl's blog that I've been following but I haven't been reading it for a while. I see that she sold everything she had, even rented out her apartment that she fighted for just to travel the world and experience life. She is not rich, she is just an average girl that lives in a smalltown here in Sweden and she said "fuck it, lets do this" and I can see that she is really happy.
To me, it felt like a sign somehow, because why did I see that right after having the conversation with my bestfriend about life and material things that won't last and real happiness and life isn't about money you have in your pocket that makes you rich, it is actually life experince that makes you really rich here in life?
Because when you are older and looking back, you should feel happy, you don't get happy by thinking of  all the meaningless crap that you've bought during your years here on earth, you look back at all the wonderful people you met, the experiences, both the good and the bad, what you have learned and how you have grown from the inside as a person.

When I read her blog, she said "I have an apartment, I have my friends and I have everything that I need but why do I still feel empty inside, like something is missing?" That sentence really kicked me in my butt, lol.
No but seriously, I am sooo afraid that I will sit there one day and feel the exact same way. That is why I want to do something.
Before my father passed away, before drugs, before graduation and before all the crap I had to deal with, my biggest goal and passion here in life was to move. Not just move away from home, move to another country, start to find myself for real and learn, see the world and grow as a person.
I don't know, I am honestly considering selling all my stuff,  take a risk and do what I planned in the first place. Just go away..

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hair Inspiration :*

Hi sweeties <3 

A couple of days ago I was searching for some inspiration and I've found lots of it and I just dreamed away, I really want to do something with my hair because I haven't dyed it in months (!!) but I've noticed that my hair has been growing better and I want long, beautiful natural hair, so it is worth the wait. When I get my hair to the lenght that I feel is ok, I will dye it, I have 2 packs of haircolor that is just sitting there on my desk and waiting to get used, so I am excited for that. <3 

Anyways, enjoy - 


I just love these girls hair and makeup, super gorgeous!! <3

Saturday, February 15, 2014

For Those Who Want A Free Online Picture Editor Program - Jawa Tips!!

Hi sweeties <3

Yesterday was Valentines Day and guess what?? :D I slept off the ENTIRE day, lol. I love my awesomeness sometimes. <3 

At the moment I was reading a girl's blog that I've been following and I saw that she answered some questions and I read the answers. I love how her pictures looks but she doesn't use photoshop to edit the lightning or contrast, she uses an online program that is free and doesn't require any installations or sign-ups, which I think is great. Obviously I thought it was to good to be true so I had to check it out. I tried it and the results was to my surprise really good!!

As you have noticed when I take pictures of myself the light looks different in the pictures and not everyone looks the same, well that is because some of them are taken with flash, some in natural light and that is why some of the pictures has more warm undertones and sometimes the pictures looks more "cold" just because it has blue undertons. When I edit my pictures in photoshop, I only change the contrast/hue and the size, nothing else. I also use it for my header to edit a nice one, that is when photoshop comes really in handy, honestly it takes some time to get it really good in photoshop just to change the contrast/color in the pictures and it is quite annoying sometimes. That is also why I wanted to check out this online program and it is one of the best online softwares I've ever come across.

I just choose 2 random pictures when I did this, look at the before and after picture when I was using this program - 





I think it looks really great. Don't get me wrong, I don't always edit my photos because I am honestly to lazy for that and it really takes a lot of time to do so. The reason and the only reason I do that is because I want nice pictures for my blog and for you to look at, seriously, who wants to read a blog with bad/boring pictures? Not me. #sorrynotsorry

I can also understand that not everyone gets photoshop, it is an advanced program and it takes a lot of time to learn. I studied it when I went to high school for 3 years and I had good teachers, so that is why I know it so well. Not everyone has the time to watch youtube tutorials on how to edit such a simple thing as color/contrast in a picture on PS so that is when programs like these online softwares comes in good work. It is easy to understand as well and anyone can do this.

Click HERE to get to the software and good luck :*

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update + NEW PICTURES! :*

Hi sweeties <3 

Today I have been in a such a good mood. I went to my meeting, everything went well, it was nice to talk out about certain things and I feel like a new person again, love this feeling. <3 

Later on I will make a video when I drink an entire beer, just shove it down because it is a  new thing going around on facebook when you have to record yourself while doing it and then tag 3 other person to do the same, if they don't do it they will owe you a few beers. So yeah, it kind of sounds lame but at the same time it is going to be a fun thing, so I am excited for that! :

Also, efter the meeting, I went to the post office and fetched out my package from cherryculture that I received. I tried to make an unboxing haul video for you guys but it went so wrong so I was like f**k it! I will rather do a regular blogpost and show you the swatches of the products that I've got rather than doing a crappy video. So yeah. 

Anyways, here is pictures of todays look, I used some of my new products - 

Seriously, I DID NOT EDIT THIS PICTURE. I dont know why it turned out this way, I just changed the image size and it must have done something with the pixels in the pictures. Changing the size of your pictures will really reduce the quility of them, which sucks. Lol, I look like a painting in this one, so that is why I put it here. ;)

TTYS! :*