Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TV-show Character That You Relate To Most?

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I've been listening to a song called "shout" that is originally made by Tears For Fears and then I started to think about the TV-show Skins. You have either heard about it or seen it, they aired it on MTV a couple of years ago, but they showed the US version of Skins. I have seen both the UK and the US version, I like them both, they are great but I honestly think that the UK one is better since it is the original.

There are certain things I like better with the US Skins and it is the characters. The UK have a better and more serious storyline but the US is more fun to watch and it includes a lot more sex and drugs etc, lol.

But eitherway, there is one character I can really relate to and that is Cadie/Cassie, in both of the Skins shows she is the same and they haven't changed her personality so much compared with the other characters. I like Cassie/Cadie, she is weird, kind of misunderstood, thinks in a special way, she likes being alone but at the same time she hates it, she has a hard time with people but love her friends and can easily get in touch with others because she is kind of a shy girl but at the same time she not and very "on". She has some mental problems but she still tries to look always on the bright side of things in life no matter how shitty she feels. She is both + and - at the same time, that is what I can relate most to.

When it comes to love, we are exactly the same there. It is complicated and twisted, she is hurt but at the same time happy and she cares truly and deeply for someone despite she know that he doesn't do it but it does not bother her, as long as he is on her side and never leave her she doesn't really care if she gets hurt in the end or not. Because it is worth it and she can't crave more from him, she is just really happy with what she gets and she knows he cares for her deep down inside and that is enough.

If you have watched (us) skins you should know that I love Stanley and Cadie - 

source: Google Pictures, Tumblr.

They are very different persons but they click soo good together and have a lot of in common. <3

Which Skins did you prefer, the US or the UK version? Which character can you relate to most? :)

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