Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update, New Header + How To Put On Makeup Like A Pro!

Hi sweeties <3

As you may have noticed, I've changed my header on the blog, I know that I have been dragging out on doing it and since my blog design looks kind of dark and my header before was in black and white it looked a little bit boring, but honestly, my header before this one that I currently have was just a picture that I used as a header because I was to lazy to make a good one. This one that I have now is temporary, I like it but it is not exactly how I wanted it to be, I will be doing what I've had in mind when I update my design (which takes a lot of time) so I will do it then and you all will know when I will re-do the design.

Also, a random thing that happened today, my sister came to me and said that she has a job for me. The piercing job at the tattoo studio that I've mentioned in a blogpost not long ago, the job got taken by someone else, so that sucks. Honestly, it sounded a little bit to good to be true because the girl who said that she got me the job was talking bullshit because when I saw her later when I moved back home from my brother's place, she was still there and she looked so ashamed, she didn't even say hello or talked to me. So I guess she was just another lying b*tch.

I am still applying for jobs and the one that I got offered today is really not the best... It is a job as a phone salesman, gah, I have worked with it before, you call around and spam people and interrupt their day when you are doing it and forcing them to buy your products... But seriously, I am really in need of a job and I will get paid weekly, so I guess I have to take it.

Anyways, I did a beauty tag post also not long ago and if you have read it I mentioned that one of my favorite beauty guru's / makeup artist is gossmakeup. I have learned up to 80% of what I know of makeup today just by watching his videos, he is so talented and has some mad skills and one day I will be just as good as him in makeup.

Here is a video that got 5,2 million views that he made and I can get why he got it. Watch and learn girls (and boys) -

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