Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update + NEW PICTURES! :*

Hi sweeties <3 

Today I have been in a such a good mood. I went to my meeting, everything went well, it was nice to talk out about certain things and I feel like a new person again, love this feeling. <3 

Later on I will make a video when I drink an entire beer, just shove it down because it is a  new thing going around on facebook when you have to record yourself while doing it and then tag 3 other person to do the same, if they don't do it they will owe you a few beers. So yeah, it kind of sounds lame but at the same time it is going to be a fun thing, so I am excited for that! :

Also, efter the meeting, I went to the post office and fetched out my package from cherryculture that I received. I tried to make an unboxing haul video for you guys but it went so wrong so I was like f**k it! I will rather do a regular blogpost and show you the swatches of the products that I've got rather than doing a crappy video. So yeah. 

Anyways, here is pictures of todays look, I used some of my new products - 

Seriously, I DID NOT EDIT THIS PICTURE. I dont know why it turned out this way, I just changed the image size and it must have done something with the pixels in the pictures. Changing the size of your pictures will really reduce the quility of them, which sucks. Lol, I look like a painting in this one, so that is why I put it here. ;)

TTYS! :*

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