Monday, March 24, 2014

I Just Want To Run Away..

Saw these wonderful pictures on a random girl's blog and I though that I just had to share it with you sweeties. Makes you kind of crave for  life more, the real life not the life that you usually plan to live it like.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Review And Swatches - ELF Long-Lasting Lusturious Eyeshadows (ALL OF THEM)

Hi babes! <3 

Today I was going through my makeup collection and I saw my lusturious eyeshadows from ELF (eyeslipsface) and I thought why not to a full on review on them?? So I picked up my camera, did some swatches and took some pictures for you sweeties. This is NOT a sponsored blogpost, I purchased everything myself with my own money and this is my honest opinion about this product, just putting it out there so you don't think anything else.

Anyways, the product claims are - 

"Soft and fluffy, these vibrant, shimmering Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow colours can be used as eyeshadow or a bold liner. The whipped gel texture is easy to blend and lightweight for lasting comfort and wear. Perfect for highlighting the brow bone and adding extra shimmer for a truly glam look."

I think they described the product perfectly. I tried 2 of them with my baked eyeshadows (also from elf) but I used a primer underneath it since I was wearing regular eyehadow. I don't think you need to wear a primer with this product. It is very long lasting, I remember when I fell asleep with it on me, the baked eyeshadow was all faded out but the glitter was still in place, talking about being impressed and that was my first time trying out the product, lol.
It is very shimmery and some colors have more pigmentation then the others, but you can still see the shimmer. The product gives it a very metallic effect on the eyes, which I personally love, if you are not in to that metallic/shimmer looking eyes, maybe this is not a product for you.

The pros about  the product -

  • It is long lasting 
  • great pigmentation 
  • very smooth and doesn't feel heavy on the eyelids 
  • fine glitters, not chunky like most glitter products are 
  • whipped jelly texture (which I actually like) 
  • buildable 

The cons - 

  • a bit hard to apply 
  • may be to dramatic or to much for someone who wants to go with a more natural look

That is it, I personally give this product 5/5 stars. 

The reason why it is sometimes hard to apply because the depending on the brush you are using it is hard to pick up the product because of the texture of the eyeshadows. It is a very unique product overall, it cost 3.50 pounds (3 dollars for you who live in the US) and I got all of them when it was 50% off and ELF run those sales all the time, just keep an eye open for that. ;) 

Here is the pictures/swatches of these eyeshadows - 

In the packaging with natural light (sorry if they look a bit messy, I had them stored in a box under my desk so they attracted some dust on them).

In their packaging with flash on.

Gala in natural light

Confetti in natural light

soiree in flash

toast in flash 

Festivity in flash

celebration in flash

party in flash

from left to right (all in natural lightning) - Gala, Confetti, Soiree, Toast, Festivity, Celebration and Party

from left to right (all in natural lightning) - Gala, Confetti, Soiree, Toast, Festivity, Celebration and Party

Close-up in natural light - Gala, Confetti, Soiree and Toast

Natural lightning - Festivity, Celebration and Party

from left to right (all in natural lightning) - Gala, Confetti, Soiree, Toast, Festivity, Celebration and Party

from left to right (in natural lightning + flash ) - Gala, Confetti, Soiree, Toast, Festivity, Celebration and Party

from left to right (indoors with flash ) - Gala, Confetti, Soiree, Toast, Festivity, Celebration and Party


As you all can see, I took pictures of the product in different lightning and angles so you can see it's true color of how they actually look like in real life. 

I am going to desrcribe the colors - 

  • Gala - It is a reddish brown color 
  • Confetti - it is just a white glitter , least pigmented of them all 
  • Soiree - a pink/champagne color 
  • Toast - gold 
  • Festivity - plum/purple 
  • Celebration - Silver, this is least pigmented after confetti but still it has an ok pigmentation 
  • party - this is the most intresting color of them all. It is a green/gray/taupe all together, very unique color 

You can get them HERE (for those who live in Europe) and if you live in the US or Canada visit :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Get The Ultimate Spring Look - Bohemian Style

Hi sweeties <3 

As you all know, the spring is back and that means that the summer is near, yaay ! <3 Well, not if you live here in Sweden, the snow came back yesterday... *sight*

But for you who don't have the snow and live in a warmer climate in different parts of the world, this is something for y'all. I noticed that the bohemian style is back, that means the  headpiece and the accesories is in style again. I love the look,  I have actually ordered a bunch of headpieces that I am waiting for and that I will use for spring. I did a collection of inspiration photos of how you can get the ultimate spring/summertime look, this is also a perfect look for the upcoming concerts and festivals as well. ;)

The key for the bohemian look is - 

  • A headpiece / flower for the hair or if you have none just use a scarf 
  • hair braids / messy looking hair
  • lots of accesories 
  • colorful pattern or earthtoned clothes 
  • winged eyeliner 
  • bright color nails 
  • just a very casual/relaxed style of clothes, something that sits a bit loose and not so tight

Source: Pinterest.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Inspiration - Jennifer Selter

Hi sweeties <3 

I just wanted to do an inspiration post today and this time it is going to be about Jennifer Selter (also known as Jen Selter). You have probably seen her on instagram, she got famous because of her awesome ass, like seriously, no joke. She is a girl that is just in to fitness and damn, her body is really amazing. I love following her on instagram and get so inspired, motivated and just want to start doing my squats everytime she uploads a picture. :D 

I saw that she did a photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine and OMG, those pictures are amazing. Those pictures are not like her instagram photos, her photoshoot pictures is way more seductive and shows a lot more skin, which I love of course because that shows that you are very comfortable in yourself and that is hot imo. Anyways, her instagram @jenselter, go and follow her right now babes. :* 

Source: Vanity Fair and Jennifer Selter's instagram. 

Seriously, she is my biggest fitness inspiration, love her. <3