Thursday, March 20, 2014

Get The Ultimate Spring Look - Bohemian Style

Hi sweeties <3 

As you all know, the spring is back and that means that the summer is near, yaay ! <3 Well, not if you live here in Sweden, the snow came back yesterday... *sight*

But for you who don't have the snow and live in a warmer climate in different parts of the world, this is something for y'all. I noticed that the bohemian style is back, that means the  headpiece and the accesories is in style again. I love the look,  I have actually ordered a bunch of headpieces that I am waiting for and that I will use for spring. I did a collection of inspiration photos of how you can get the ultimate spring/summertime look, this is also a perfect look for the upcoming concerts and festivals as well. ;)

The key for the bohemian look is - 

  • A headpiece / flower for the hair or if you have none just use a scarf 
  • hair braids / messy looking hair
  • lots of accesories 
  • colorful pattern or earthtoned clothes 
  • winged eyeliner 
  • bright color nails 
  • just a very casual/relaxed style of clothes, something that sits a bit loose and not so tight

Source: Pinterest.

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