Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Inspiration - Jennifer Selter

Hi sweeties <3 

I just wanted to do an inspiration post today and this time it is going to be about Jennifer Selter (also known as Jen Selter). You have probably seen her on instagram, she got famous because of her awesome ass, like seriously, no joke. She is a girl that is just in to fitness and damn, her body is really amazing. I love following her on instagram and get so inspired, motivated and just want to start doing my squats everytime she uploads a picture. :D 

I saw that she did a photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine and OMG, those pictures are amazing. Those pictures are not like her instagram photos, her photoshoot pictures is way more seductive and shows a lot more skin, which I love of course because that shows that you are very comfortable in yourself and that is hot imo. Anyways, her instagram @jenselter, go and follow her right now babes. :* 

Source: Vanity Fair and Jennifer Selter's instagram. 

Seriously, she is my biggest fitness inspiration, love her. <3

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