Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Short Update!

 Hi sweeties <3 

Sorry for not updating, I have been quite busy, had a lot on my mind actually. I don't feel so well, I have a lot of thinking to do about certain things and my life is a bit messy right now, so that is why I haven't updated regulary. I have still uploaded inspiration posts just to keep the blog going, no matter what. I have also  taken a few new pictures/gifs during the week.

I feel so restless lately because I don't have anything going on. I just sit at home, watching shows like "Supernatural" and drinking when I can just to kill the time. I still don't have a job, even though I have applied to shitless many places, still haven't got a squad. I don't have any money so I can barely do much, the money I have goes to my meetings and alcohol, lol. I am such a sad creature.

Anyways, I have spent my money on meaningless crap this past month, so I have a lot to show you babes and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT OF GOODIES such as products from ELF, Cherryculture, Beautyjoint, Sleek, Ebay, Buyincoins etc. So stay tuned for that! <3 

Here is some recent pictures for  y'all -

me exactly right now, lol, you can see how my mood swings. At first I feel al melancholy, then  happy and now just fragile and in a fuck off mode. 

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