Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog Break

Hi sweethearts <3

Just wanted to say, I haven't forgot about you, I still see you all visiting my blog almost everyday but the thing is I have been so tired of blogging. I don't know why, because I love my blog and I love to see all of you followers keep visiting my blog and that puts a smile on my face everytime when I see that, but the thing is I don't feel like doing it so much anymore because it takes a lot of time making a blogpost, atleast for me since I want quality over quantity when I do my blogposts. I don't like to make half decent job, it is all in or nothing when I write on my blog. I also know that I haven't been blogging for weeks and I feel bad for not saying anything but honestly, I feel just to tired about writing  here at all. Nothing in particular has happened that has contributed to this, I have just not been in the mood to blog or to even think about doing it.

I am of course thinking about you, my beautiful readers out there, but the blog itself I  haven't been thinking so much about.. I am not sure of what I am trying to say here but I will say this, I am still alive, I know that you are reading my blog and I am not ignoring you, I just want to take a blog break or atleast blog whenever I feel like it and not only just because I have to, which has been feeling like that lately and that is why I haven't write anything here for that matter. I love you all and I will pick up the speed of blogging, very soon I guess but I do not want to put a date on it either, it will just come naturally. Hugs to all of you out there, still reading my blog and THANK YOU for doing that, the support means a lot to me, even though I don't know you personally, but for you taking that interest in me/my life, I am honored to have you reading my blog.

Thank you again sweeties. <3 

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