Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Weekend!

Hi babes, how you all doin'? ;) 

I am great,haven't felt this good in AGES, I swear, it has to do with the summer feelings in the air. This weekend have been awesome  -

Friday - Went out to the city with Sandra and Opheila, we met up Apple and Rhett, we were at first chilling in the sun and then we bumped in to a guy at the toilet line, haha, we started talking, I was with Sandra and she said to me that we should go over to that guy's crew and sit with them, so we did. Met some new people, we had a good time and was drinking all together. Later on came Ophelias girlfriends and by then I was quite drunk, lol. The entire evening was just CRAZY, loved it! <3
Didn't come home until the early morning. 

Saturday - HAD THE HANGOVER FROM HELL!! Cheezuuz, it was cray as fuck. Felt so sick, had a little bit to much, but it was ok, I slept over at Sandras place and we were working on the tan on the day. Then I got a ride home, so I slept off the day when I got home and layed in my bed, was completely dead.

Sunday - Got a surprise visit by my older sister and her fiancé and we celabrated mothers day (it is today here in Sweden) had a good time and spent some quality time with the entire family. They left about a half hour ago and now it is 4 in the afternoon, don't know what I am going to do, this heat is killing me btw, but I shall not complain, the sun barely shows up here in Sweden, so when it shines it is up and rise, lol. I think I will have a SPA-day later on, Sundays are those days when I take extra care of myself and get prepared for a new week.

Overall in general, I actually feel a lot more happier, haven't felt this good in god knows how long. Oh, and you might noticed, the thing of having a "white month" went to hell after 2 weeks . Lol...
Here is some pictures, the first 2 I took on Friday, I tried out Ophelias sunglasses and I look super cool in them, lol. Also I have noticed that I don't wear my extensions anymore or flat-iron it all the time as I use to do. I am to lazy for that, I either have my natural curls let out or have my hair in a bun. The last pictures are todays look.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update On These Past Days + Pictures From The Weekend! :*

Hi sweethearts <3 

Sorry for not updating but I have been so busy, I was partying the whole weekend (really, both Saturday and Sunday), I met up my homies with Natta (my bestfriend) and we had a blast. I was even at her place the entire weekend and I felt like I have a lot more wine that needed to go so I drank again, lol, love my life in those moments.  Then again on Tuesday I drank some more wine, Sandra came over and she fixed my nails, unfortunetely I do not have any pictures of them yet but you will notice it once I upload it here, I got black stilletto nails, they look fabulous! :* 

Still getting used to typing with them though... Seriously, the weekend was absolutely mental, haha, I got some pictures on facebook but that is not really all of it, there is a lot more but I cannot upload them anywhere because they are just a little bit too much... heheheh.
But I do have some pictures that I will share with you here on the blog for those who haven't seen them yet on my facebook. ALSO, I received my package from Makeup Revulution and will be doing a blogpost about it later when I have time. Until then, see y'all next time and take care! <3

If you are wondering why I standing in my underwear, I had to do that for 10 minutes since it was a dare and we played spin the bottle. Joen was the first one to sit in underwear, then me and then Niklas. The last 2 pictures are from the day after when I was at Nattas place and it was only us 2 and we got bored and started to party again, I guess the pictures speaks for themselves... 

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Makeup Inventory / Collection In Pictures!! :*

Hi sweeties <3 

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was going to make a blogpost about my current makeup collection then I saw this video HERE of pinksofoxy on youtube and she has the most brilliant ideás when it comes to orginazing, storage and makeup in general so I got inspired to do this because I feel her addiction of buying and hoarding makeup, HAHA. So I went through my entire collection again and counted all the makeup that I have and to my surprise it is a lot more than what it looks when it is orginazed. While I was doing that I thought that I can take pictures of it all as well and show you the stuff that I have, so lets get started because this is going to be a long post for y'all babes out there! :* 


  • 4 pallettes 
  • 5 mini pallettes 
  • 21 single eyeshadows 
  • 9 eyeliners 
  • 10 mascaras 
  • 2 eye primers 
  • 2 eyeshadow sticks

  • 14 lipglosses 
  • 33 lipsticks 
  • 9 lipliners 
  • 4 lip balms 
  • 2 lip cotes 

  • 15 blushes 
  • 2 eyebrow powder/gel kit
  • 3 bronzers 
  • 6 eyebrow pencils 
  • 4 highlighters 
  • 7 concealer 
  • 4 setting powder 
  • 2 blush & bronzer duo
  • 1 face primer 

And this is how I store everything, I keep them in boxes because I have nowhere else to put them and as soon as I get a good makeup vanity I will put everything nice and neat, but for now, this will do.

I know that it is a lot of makeup for some but I have collected these during the years, some of it is brand new and I do buy them on sale, so that is why I have a big collection and mostly elf products. I also have some high-end products but mostly drugstore. About the mascaras, the reason that I have so many is because I have some for back-up because you all girls know that mascara is the one product that needs to be re-purchased all the time and I got sick of it, ordered a bunch and know I never have to worry about that for a year atleast. I will also give away 2 of them to a friend of mine who is in need for mascara. As you can see some of the products are still in packaging and that is because some of it I am going to sell,  I don't need all of it and some are still in their packaging because they don't have any names on the product so that is why I keep them intact. Almost everything is bought with my own money, some of it I got it from my mum. Hope you liked this post! :D

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hahahah, omg, I laughed so hard when I watched these 2 videos, seriosly, latoyaforever is killing it!! :'D

Girls, if these things applies to you, please stop, same goes for the guys, get your act together man. Anyways, here is a good laugh for you ladies and gentlemen ;) -

Hahaha, seriously, the video about the girls describes all my girlsfriends more or less, that is why I hang out with the  guys more, girls are vicious...

I Am Such A Makeup Whore.

Hi sweethearts! <3 

I just wanted to say during this week, I couldn't contain my makeup addiction... I said to myself after orginazing my makeup that I wouldn't buy anymore... I LIED!! :( 
I made an order from Makeup Revolution, it is a new brand that is based in London and it is so affordable and the makeup looks great so I couldn't stop myself from ordering a couple of pallettes, blushes, lipsticks, highlighter and bronzer... heuheuehue. 
And about that, on Thursday I will swing by MAC and buy a limited edition lipstick and here in Sweden their lipsticks are twice the price if you for example would buy it in the U.K or U.S, so I have put a fortune on to my makeup collection... :$ 

And yes, I will show you everything, I will probably do a video for the Makeup Revolution, maybe an first impression..? I am not sure, I am still thinking about it, I should have the stuff by next week. 
Also, I have been good on my white month process, I haven't been drinking at all, honestly it is a bit challenging because I could kill for a cold beer right now but I am containing myself from drinking...

Anyway here is some pictures of today's look - 

Sorry for just taking crappy cam photos, but my eyebrows look batshit insane so I can't use my camera for that, but once I fixed them, then I will be putting up HQ pictures again. :*

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Top 4 Favorite Badass Actors Of All Time!!

Hi sweeties <3 

Today's blogpost is going to be a little bit different than usual, I am not going to write about beauty or anything like that, this will be my dedication to 4 of the best actors that I've came across, ever! :)
I didn't plan this one out, it just got to me and I decided that I really wanted to do a blogpost about it and share with you some awesome actors that I think deserve more attention than what they get and deserve. I don't do this in a particular order, it was very hard for me just to pick 4 but these ones who made it are -

Mark Pellegrino 

Reason - He just plays the bad guy part in movies so GOOD!! I loved him as Lucifer from the tv-show Supernatural, seriously, no one could have played that part better than him and he did it so beautifully. He also appears on the TV-show Revalution, he just plays a general in there but that badass attitude was still there, which is kind of his signature in movies/shows he is in.

Jessica Lange 

Reason - OMG, THIS WOMEN!! <3 I love her sooooo much, she is in American Horror Story for those you don't know that. Every season of that show, she DELIVERS IT and killing it with her fierce personality and acting. She has (so far I believe) played the bad guy and she does it perfectly, I get so excited everytime I see her on the show, you just can't stop loving her beautiful acting, it is really impressive to watch.

Giancarlo Esposito 

Reason - If you have watched Breaking Bad you will definately know who this man is. He plays Gustavo Fring in that show and O to the M to the G, he is such a PSYCHO!! Not like a casual type of psychopath, he is more like this very collected person type of psykopath, someone that wants everything to go perfectly smooth or else there will be a problem and a problem needs to be fixed, at any cost. The way this man acts out in this character is brilliant and just all BA-BAM! if you get what I am trying to say, I can't even describe how good his acting is, it is sooo good that I can't even find the words for it... He is also in the TV-show Revalution, which he is (surprise, not)  an evil general.

Christopher Walken 

Reason - I really don't have any. You have seen this guy somewhere and everytime you see him, he plays this crazy badass villian and is very psychotic and crazy. I love every role he plays in his movies, they are just spot-on perfection.

Source for the pictures: Google Image Search. 

That's about it, I hoped you liked it for all you move/series freaks out there. Now here is my question to you - which ones are your favorite actors and why? :) 

Let me know it the comment section, this can be fun. :D