Monday, May 5, 2014

My Makeup Inventory / Collection In Pictures!! :*

Hi sweeties <3 

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was going to make a blogpost about my current makeup collection then I saw this video HERE of pinksofoxy on youtube and she has the most brilliant ideás when it comes to orginazing, storage and makeup in general so I got inspired to do this because I feel her addiction of buying and hoarding makeup, HAHA. So I went through my entire collection again and counted all the makeup that I have and to my surprise it is a lot more than what it looks when it is orginazed. While I was doing that I thought that I can take pictures of it all as well and show you the stuff that I have, so lets get started because this is going to be a long post for y'all babes out there! :* 


  • 4 pallettes 
  • 5 mini pallettes 
  • 21 single eyeshadows 
  • 9 eyeliners 
  • 10 mascaras 
  • 2 eye primers 
  • 2 eyeshadow sticks

  • 14 lipglosses 
  • 33 lipsticks 
  • 9 lipliners 
  • 4 lip balms 
  • 2 lip cotes 

  • 15 blushes 
  • 2 eyebrow powder/gel kit
  • 3 bronzers 
  • 6 eyebrow pencils 
  • 4 highlighters 
  • 7 concealer 
  • 4 setting powder 
  • 2 blush & bronzer duo
  • 1 face primer 

And this is how I store everything, I keep them in boxes because I have nowhere else to put them and as soon as I get a good makeup vanity I will put everything nice and neat, but for now, this will do.

I know that it is a lot of makeup for some but I have collected these during the years, some of it is brand new and I do buy them on sale, so that is why I have a big collection and mostly elf products. I also have some high-end products but mostly drugstore. About the mascaras, the reason that I have so many is because I have some for back-up because you all girls know that mascara is the one product that needs to be re-purchased all the time and I got sick of it, ordered a bunch and know I never have to worry about that for a year atleast. I will also give away 2 of them to a friend of mine who is in need for mascara. As you can see some of the products are still in packaging and that is because some of it I am going to sell,  I don't need all of it and some are still in their packaging because they don't have any names on the product so that is why I keep them intact. Almost everything is bought with my own money, some of it I got it from my mum. Hope you liked this post! :D

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