Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Weekend!

Hi babes, how you all doin'? ;) 

I am great,haven't felt this good in AGES, I swear, it has to do with the summer feelings in the air. This weekend have been awesome  -

Friday - Went out to the city with Sandra and Opheila, we met up Apple and Rhett, we were at first chilling in the sun and then we bumped in to a guy at the toilet line, haha, we started talking, I was with Sandra and she said to me that we should go over to that guy's crew and sit with them, so we did. Met some new people, we had a good time and was drinking all together. Later on came Ophelias girlfriends and by then I was quite drunk, lol. The entire evening was just CRAZY, loved it! <3
Didn't come home until the early morning. 

Saturday - HAD THE HANGOVER FROM HELL!! Cheezuuz, it was cray as fuck. Felt so sick, had a little bit to much, but it was ok, I slept over at Sandras place and we were working on the tan on the day. Then I got a ride home, so I slept off the day when I got home and layed in my bed, was completely dead.

Sunday - Got a surprise visit by my older sister and her fiancé and we celabrated mothers day (it is today here in Sweden) had a good time and spent some quality time with the entire family. They left about a half hour ago and now it is 4 in the afternoon, don't know what I am going to do, this heat is killing me btw, but I shall not complain, the sun barely shows up here in Sweden, so when it shines it is up and rise, lol. I think I will have a SPA-day later on, Sundays are those days when I take extra care of myself and get prepared for a new week.

Overall in general, I actually feel a lot more happier, haven't felt this good in god knows how long. Oh, and you might noticed, the thing of having a "white month" went to hell after 2 weeks . Lol...
Here is some pictures, the first 2 I took on Friday, I tried out Ophelias sunglasses and I look super cool in them, lol. Also I have noticed that I don't wear my extensions anymore or flat-iron it all the time as I use to do. I am to lazy for that, I either have my natural curls let out or have my hair in a bun. The last pictures are todays look.


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