Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update On These Past Days + Pictures From The Weekend! :*

Hi sweethearts <3 

Sorry for not updating but I have been so busy, I was partying the whole weekend (really, both Saturday and Sunday), I met up my homies with Natta (my bestfriend) and we had a blast. I was even at her place the entire weekend and I felt like I have a lot more wine that needed to go so I drank again, lol, love my life in those moments.  Then again on Tuesday I drank some more wine, Sandra came over and she fixed my nails, unfortunetely I do not have any pictures of them yet but you will notice it once I upload it here, I got black stilletto nails, they look fabulous! :* 

Still getting used to typing with them though... Seriously, the weekend was absolutely mental, haha, I got some pictures on facebook but that is not really all of it, there is a lot more but I cannot upload them anywhere because they are just a little bit too much... heheheh.
But I do have some pictures that I will share with you here on the blog for those who haven't seen them yet on my facebook. ALSO, I received my package from Makeup Revulution and will be doing a blogpost about it later when I have time. Until then, see y'all next time and take care! <3

If you are wondering why I standing in my underwear, I had to do that for 10 minutes since it was a dare and we played spin the bottle. Joen was the first one to sit in underwear, then me and then Niklas. The last 2 pictures are from the day after when I was at Nattas place and it was only us 2 and we got bored and started to party again, I guess the pictures speaks for themselves... 

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  1. more nude please xD
    Hot and Beautiful :)