Monday, June 16, 2014

Damn Wasp...

Hi sweethearts, how are you all doing? <3 

Things for me are great, I have really been on fire on my new blog, I upload outfit/look of the day there and I recently even uploaded a VIDEO answering some fun questions, want to see it?? CLICK HERE. 

Anyways, today I felt so bohemian and just very casual. I have been soo bored, there is nothing to do, I called everyone and they were either busy or going to some random party and I was NOT in the mood for a party, I just wanted to hangout with someone and just chill, eat something nice and talk crap. I got all fixed up for nothing, lol. As an "icing on the cake" while I was sitting here and rotting away I got random company from a fucking WASP!! Shit, I hate those fuckers SOOO much, they are so grosse an creepy. I tried to get it out through the window but it was so freaking retarded, like seriously, the most retarded wasp I have ever seen!!

When they usually fly in like that, I never kill them, I just guide them out, but this goddamn thing... It didn't want to get out and I started to panic and it started nesting all over the place so I got super mad and I tried to get help from my brother and even he couldn't get that stupid wasp out of my room, he just pissed it off  really badly so we had to run out of the room... So there I was, in the damn hallway and scared as fuck and I called my mother so she could actually GET HOME and try to get rid of it. Eventually that creature got out after 1 hour and everything was cool... Yes, I know, first-world problems.

Here is a quick look of how I looked today - 

And here is 2 gif pictures for you 

Remember, if you want to see a lot more pictures of me and detailed info about my facelook and outfit check out my other blog, I upload look of the day daily there. Take care now babes and I talk to you later!! <3 :*

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