Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Recording All Day

Hi sweeties <3 

Remember when I wrote a while ago that I will be doing a haul video and show you everything that I got from buyincoins? Well, I have finally recieved everything. I did 3 orders in total an each one every month and it takes about a month for them to arrive since it is from China and they send them in different packages, so I waited for all of them to arrive so I can do a full on review/haul for you gorgeous readers out there! :* 

It took in total 3 months actually, I filmed 3 videos today which is for every order that I have and will upload them during the week, so stay tuned for that. I promise you, it is a lot of stuff and half of them are really awesome affordable things, so don't miss out on that now. ;) 

Want to see more pictures of this look and details about it?? Check it out on my other blog http://yourbeautyplanet.blogspot.com/ <3

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lovely Weather!

Hi sweeties <3 

Sorry for not updating but this entire week I haven't been home at ALL. I was at my friends house and the weather here in Sweden is soo lovely. Seriously, it was even too warm some days here, but I won't complain because the sun really don't last long here in Scandinavia. This is the only time when we who lives in Sweden can enjoy the heat, the rest of the year at the end of august the cold starts to kick in and it will be dark and gray until next year, so yeah... I have been working crazy on my tan, I have been to the beach, taking long night walks, working on my tan, eating/drinking and just enjoyed my life a little bit more than usual. I felt I really needed this awesome week.

During august my sister is getting married and 4 days later I turn 20 which means I can buy my own alcohol, yay! Can't wait to do that, have been waiting for this day in ages and it is soon here! :D
My bestfriend is also turning 20 in 3 days so I am looking forward to that as well, everything is going great for now and I hope it lasts. I am honestly thinking of going back to school this autumn, I have been out of work and not studying at all since I graduated and it has been over a year now, but at the same time I needed this year to gain my strength/energy back again, that is also why I have not been blogging as much as I use to. That is going to change very soon, first I need to get things straight up and start to get back to the daily routines, then everything from there will go on smoothly. ;) 

I am currently updating my other blog which you can check out HERE. I update here whenever I do something, the other blog is for pictures as Look Of The Day, Outfit Of The Day, shopping, beauty etc. This blog is just for my personal everyday life.

Here is some pictures I have taken today 

Want to see a lot more pictures and details about this look ? Then click HERE sweethearts. <3 

Until next time, take care :*

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hi sweeties <3 

How are you? For me, I am actually really good, I have spend these past 2 days with my bestfriend and having a blast. Unfortunetely I haven't taken any new pictures, I am so sorry for that but I have been to interrupted to even think about bringing my camera everywhere I go, so I always forget to take some new pictures for y'all but I will do that eventually, so no worries babes. ;) 

This post will about haters and hate. I never blog about them or even think about them but recently I have recieved a lot of hate of a "special someone" who has got their filthy claws hooked on me for no other reason than jealousy. This person has even started a fake account and pretended to be me (seriously..) on reddit, I mean come on, such a loser, it surprises me how honestly some people have that MUCH free time on their hands and are pretending to be someone else, especially someone they don't know at ALL and trying to bring that person down. I also happen to know that it is the same person who has been commenting my blog as well. Lucky me that I don't have a bad self-esteem but my heart goes out to the ones who does have it, I can't only imagine what that poor girl/guy would feel if they recieved that kind of hate out of nowhere.




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EYESLIPSFACE (SWEDEN) - användarnamn - jawavoncherie

This isn't the first time I have to justify myself but I will only do it this time again and after this I am not even bating an eyelash towards this because I honestly get tired of justifying myself all the time. I have a lot of you readers out there, I have contact with big companies and I am not in any way bragging and I am not sponsored by elf but I have been sent products from ELF and geocouloredlenses.com. I am not a big beauty guru as you see some girls on youtube  I am  in contact with companies in the beauty industry and here is some of the proof of it -

And what I mean exactly that I say by I have contact with companies is that we talk back and forward on their social medias and they know who I am and also geocouloredlenses have sent me 2 pair of lenses to me for review and I will do that very soon.

I am also in touch with the U.K ELF as well, skip to 14:30, we had a discussion on what lipstick would suit the model best and they took MY advice on that, it was actually a very funny live chat video, you should subscribe to their youtube channel :D

So suck on it haters!! There is all the proof in the world, shoved down in your throats, hope you shoke on it :*

This is the last time I will do a blogpost like this and to all of you my loyal readers, lots of kisses and love to y'all, until next time, take care. <33 ^^

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maleficient + update! :*

Hi sweethearts <3 

Sorry for not blogging lately but I've actually been busy since it is summer and I have been with my family and friends so I haven't had the time to update really. I still think about the blog and you my readers of course, I haven't forgotten about you, just been busy, that's all. <3 

Yesterday I saw the movie Maleficent and it was really good, I give the movie a solid 7/10 stars. Angelina Jolie played the part as the evil villian beautifully (as I expected it) but the storyline was really different from what I thought it would be, it surprised me, in a good way. I really enjoyed the movie and I watched it in 3D and I liked the animation and the graphic in the film, it was well made and cool to watch. If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you strongly to go and watch it ;) 

I could actually relate to Maleficent in many ways, I watched the movie with my brother and even he pointed out and said "Lol, that is so you" and I was like "Yeah I know, right?!?" haha, this is the one scene I am talking about -

Source: Tumblr. 

Like seriously, that is SOO ME when it comes to children, LMFAO during that scene of the movie!!

Here is the latest picture of me, I have my new skull neklace on, LOVE IT. <3 I have soo many things that I recieved and I will make a huge collective haul video as soon as I get everything, still waiting for some orders to arrive. I will update here from time to time and if you want to see my daily looks/outfits check out my other blog HERE.

Until next time, take care babes :*