Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lovely Weather!

Hi sweeties <3 

Sorry for not updating but this entire week I haven't been home at ALL. I was at my friends house and the weather here in Sweden is soo lovely. Seriously, it was even too warm some days here, but I won't complain because the sun really don't last long here in Scandinavia. This is the only time when we who lives in Sweden can enjoy the heat, the rest of the year at the end of august the cold starts to kick in and it will be dark and gray until next year, so yeah... I have been working crazy on my tan, I have been to the beach, taking long night walks, working on my tan, eating/drinking and just enjoyed my life a little bit more than usual. I felt I really needed this awesome week.

During august my sister is getting married and 4 days later I turn 20 which means I can buy my own alcohol, yay! Can't wait to do that, have been waiting for this day in ages and it is soon here! :D
My bestfriend is also turning 20 in 3 days so I am looking forward to that as well, everything is going great for now and I hope it lasts. I am honestly thinking of going back to school this autumn, I have been out of work and not studying at all since I graduated and it has been over a year now, but at the same time I needed this year to gain my strength/energy back again, that is also why I have not been blogging as much as I use to. That is going to change very soon, first I need to get things straight up and start to get back to the daily routines, then everything from there will go on smoothly. ;) 

I am currently updating my other blog which you can check out HERE. I update here whenever I do something, the other blog is for pictures as Look Of The Day, Outfit Of The Day, shopping, beauty etc. This blog is just for my personal everyday life.

Here is some pictures I have taken today 

Want to see a lot more pictures and details about this look ? Then click HERE sweethearts. <3 

Until next time, take care :*

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