Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hi sweeties <3 

How are you? For me, I am actually really good, I have spend these past 2 days with my bestfriend and having a blast. Unfortunetely I haven't taken any new pictures, I am so sorry for that but I have been to interrupted to even think about bringing my camera everywhere I go, so I always forget to take some new pictures for y'all but I will do that eventually, so no worries babes. ;) 

This post will about haters and hate. I never blog about them or even think about them but recently I have recieved a lot of hate of a "special someone" who has got their filthy claws hooked on me for no other reason than jealousy. This person has even started a fake account and pretended to be me (seriously..) on reddit, I mean come on, such a loser, it surprises me how honestly some people have that MUCH free time on their hands and are pretending to be someone else, especially someone they don't know at ALL and trying to bring that person down. I also happen to know that it is the same person who has been commenting my blog as well. Lucky me that I don't have a bad self-esteem but my heart goes out to the ones who does have it, I can't only imagine what that poor girl/guy would feel if they recieved that kind of hate out of nowhere.




INSTAGRAM - jawavoncherie






EYESLIPSFACE (SWEDEN) - användarnamn - jawavoncherie

This isn't the first time I have to justify myself but I will only do it this time again and after this I am not even bating an eyelash towards this because I honestly get tired of justifying myself all the time. I have a lot of you readers out there, I have contact with big companies and I am not in any way bragging and I am not sponsored by elf but I have been sent products from ELF and I am not a big beauty guru as you see some girls on youtube  I am  in contact with companies in the beauty industry and here is some of the proof of it -

And what I mean exactly that I say by I have contact with companies is that we talk back and forward on their social medias and they know who I am and also geocouloredlenses have sent me 2 pair of lenses to me for review and I will do that very soon.

I am also in touch with the U.K ELF as well, skip to 14:30, we had a discussion on what lipstick would suit the model best and they took MY advice on that, it was actually a very funny live chat video, you should subscribe to their youtube channel :D

So suck on it haters!! There is all the proof in the world, shoved down in your throats, hope you shoke on it :*

This is the last time I will do a blogpost like this and to all of you my loyal readers, lots of kisses and love to y'all, until next time, take care. <33 ^^


  1. Oh, darling, you don't have haters because no one cares that much for you, so calm down lol And I don't really understand why you come bragging about your big fashion credentials, the only brand I know is Elf and you clarified you are not even sponsored, so I think you just made a fool of yourself HAHA but, well, let's be positive, you can use those big credentials and those 'contracts' to fix that face, I mean, it can only improve :*
    Maybe those companies asked for your opinion, but with that face and looks you will never be on a magazine or a commercial because you would only ruin the entire business. Take care honey :*

    1. oopsie, did this get to your feelings? aaw, poor thing, some people just can't handle the heat :(
      And I feel sorry for you, for realz man, you need to get some help sweetheart because this is not healthy or normal behaviour, for example, take ALL that energy and time YOU spend on ME and put it on yourself, I promise you it will make you feel better and you will probably get somewhere in life instead of bitching over others behind a screen. Well yes I do have a hater and you are one of them, you care enough otherwise you wouldn't honestly go through all that trouble and writing your pathetic comments in attempt to make me feel bad, which is not obviously working. ;)
      I will from not on stop answering your comments, but feel free to still leave them, you give my blog more publicity so that is atleast something positive about your shitty personality :*

  2. Don't worry I only care about comments and opinions coming from people who I admire, and you are just another stupid silly girl who thinks she is pretty and wants to live from the videos and blogs about makeup she makes. And don't worry about my life, I'm a Medical School student (a very good one actually, since I have a grant ;D ) so I'm already doing something with my life, something that, by the way, it's more challenging and interesting that what you are doing poor stupid little disney princess wannabe :P And the only reason I'm doing this is because I really enjoy your pathetic attempts to be something you aren't, just assume you are talentless and your life is probably worthless.
    And just to make it clear, the only reason why I found this blog is because somehow my antivirus keeps detecting your face ;D And I don't know why you are talking about publicity, I just comment on your blog

  3. I dont know what this^ dude is talkin bout, but im tryna tap.

    Silence dat negativ noise, bongbong ▼ω▼