Monday, August 18, 2014


Hi sweeties <3 

Sorry for not updating but I have seriously been soo busy. I went to job interviews, had my sisters wedding (I fixed her makeup and fixed also a photographer for the wedding) 4 days later I had my birthday and I had to plan it to the weekend since my birthday was on a Tuesday I had to have the party on a Saturday (the party took place 2 days ago). In between those days I had my nails done and my eyelashes and that takes time to do as well. So you can see I have been very busy, I've had so many things to do and I still have a lot of things to get done. I am happy this rollercoaster ride is finally over because it has been really stressful for me.

The first job interview went well but I had to go on a second interview and it went to hell. Still in a hunt for a job, it is really hard to find one these days. I think I will move away from Stockholm for a while and start working, I am not going to write it out here where I am going away but it will be to one of my relatives, probably will be staying there for 6 months and just work and make money. I really need the money so I have no choice, it will sure as hell get boring without my friends and there is nothing to do there where I am going so yeah... Guess it has to do with growing up, nothing is perfect and I can't get everything I want here in live obviously, so I just have to do what is necessary at the moment.

First off, let's start with the wedding. It was really beautiful, I cried during the cermony, it was so emotional and lovely to see my sister so happy and finally found true happiness in her life and someone who she wants to share it with. I don't have any pictures of the wedding, my sister have them and I have been nagging on her to send me some pictures but she hasn't done it yet so sorry but it will be bad quality pictures for you all and you have to live with it for now. More pictures and better ones will be coming up soon.

 got my eyelashes and nails done by Sandra the day before my party 

För er som vill fixa era fransar och naglar till ett bra pris hör av er till Sandra på och för att kontakta henne direkt så kan du skriva till henne på hennes facebook  HÄR  hon har även dessutom en blogg där ni kan spana in hennes work  HÄR
För naglar och fransar 250 kr och påfyllning för 200 kr, jag är supernöjd och ni borde absolut unna er själva med det här, sjukt duktig e hon också ;) 
Hon befinner sig i Stockholm dessutom så det är perfekt för er själva som bor här och vill fixa antingen naglar eller fransar till ett bra pris så kan ni fixa det genom henne. 

Last but not least, the party pictures :D 

me and Jimmy :D

me and aaron :)

Me and Kakan (which means cookie on english for y'all non swedish readers out there) :*

Me and the girls

me and joen :D 
haha :( <3 

getting nasty ;)

everyone was so tired and this picture was taken right before going to bed . We took a bath in my hottub which is huge btw and it got bubbles, so it was honestly the highlight of the evening for me, so I went to bed with a smile on my face :)

I had a blast at my party, there were a lot more people than it was on the pictures, I just took pictures the begging of the evening and joen took some before we all went to bed (for sleeping ofc, don't get it twisted you little pervert ;) ). There was a lot more people that came to the party than what I expected, people had a great time but for me PERSONALLY it was OK. I couldn't really relax the same way others did since the party was at my place, things didn't went the way I wanted them to and I got pissed at a certain amount of people at the party and no, I am not going to mention who that was but I felt like it was my birthday party and it should have been all about me (more or less) but that certain person stole all the attention, like went waaay over the line and played victim all night and I had to babysit that person more or less and it pissed me off a lot. Didn't expect it from that certain person to be so selfish but oh well, nothing more I can do about it now but try to forget it. I get annoyed when I think about it, how manipulative that person was and got things so twisted in my head and made it look like it was about a completely different person but in the case it was about that one person all along  put the blame on someone else so I didn't get angry att him/her. I realized it the day after when I was sober, I wasn't that drunk either because I could never really relax so it was hard for me to get drunk while everyone else was doing it. So yeah, sorry about my rant mode but I really wanted to get this out of my chest.

OTHERWISE, the party was great and everyone had a really good time at that is what matters that most, atleast to me. I got also presents which I am so thankful for and I am happy that all that all the ones I love made it to my party and that warms my heart, so thank you all for coming out to my party. <3

I don't have much more to update on right now, I got everything out, but until next time, take care babes :* 

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