Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year !

Hi sweeties <33

I know it has been ages since I updated and a lot of you is still visiting me and that is crazy ! I haven't been updating for months now but I have had a lot on mind (as usual) and the blog hasn't been a priority, but since it is now 2015 and it is a new year I thought I might as well do and update now.

I have bought a new computer which is awesome but I haven't fixed my camera yet so I have to do that as soon as I get the money for it. What has happened lately? Well, a lot of things. I have gone through changes, both bad and good ones but all of them came with valueble lessons and I have learned/grown a lot during 2014.

Also the first thing I see when I get here on my blog is a lot of hate from anons out ot nowhere, lol, you know what ? 1 good comment washes away 100 of negatives ones, seriously. If you don't like my blog don't be a hater, just leave and don't come back, simple as that. I am not going to change for anyone and this is MY blog, I am not forcing anyone to read it so if you don't like what you see just please leave, it is that simple. If the hate keeps coming I just mark them as spam and those comments will go directly to the spam category and I never have to see them again, just an FYI for the haters, I am not gonna break a sweat over it.
To the lovely and loyal followers to my blog, lots of love to you and I know you see the hate and are trying to defend me, thank you, I appreciate it but you know what, don't feed the haters, just ignore them as much as you can, if you feel uncomfortable to read them I will delete all of it so no one can see them ever again. Yes, it is possible because the computer is reading the IP adress and will block the haters completely from coming in to my blog ever.

Also for the ones that expect this blog to be perfect and wonderful -

Anyways, enough about the negative commotion that has been going around here. I feel a lot better, I have really been focusing on myself this year that has been and I am much stronger than I ever been before. I am going to pick up the pace up here on the blog so no worries lovelies. I hope you all had a great new year and I wish you all the best and thank you for supporting me, it means a lot and tons of kisses to you. <3 

Here is some new pictures taken from December, just some updated ones.. 

This was my new years evening outfit

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