Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Superheros Are Perfect.

Seriously, love these photos, makes me so happy, their "imperfections" is what makes them perfect, lol. <3

Yeah, I am a huge geek and I love everything with superheroes / comic books / movies, especially the DC comics but lately marvel universe has been growing on me because of my passion for the comics. Here are some really cool pictures, some of them are actually official pictures that made the comic book covers and facebook pages also some are just illustrations by fans. Enjoy. :)

All of these above are illustrations, source HERE 

Justice League
Superman saving a kitty, aw.<3 
aquaman :)
Batgirl ;)
Superman trying to make batman smile on selfies, lol.
Catwomen at her natural state, I am like that when I am around cats as well, haha...
Flash outrunning Superman, since Flash is the fastest man alive, but Superman is pretty close. ;) 
Harley Quinn is just "chilling" and taking a selfie, lol. <3

This is Shazam below

Ett foto publicerat av DC Comics (@dccomics)


This was actually a cover photo on Justice Leagues facebook page, died when I saw it! 

All of those above are official photos from their cover magazines, instagram and facebook pages 

X-man women, I know that Storm is in the middle and to the right we have Rogue and if I am not mistaken that is Jean on the left?


Spiderman and Deadpool. 

Supergirl and powergirl :D

Seriously, I LOVE THIS PICTURE, it is so cool. 


Favorite though.. <3

And last but not least these above are mixed, both illustrations and official photos. Unfortunetely I did not get the name / source of the illustrators of some but that is what it is when you find pictures on Tumblr, people remove the original sources which honestly sucks. Anyways, I was fangirling like crazy when I saw the latest justice legue movie, the one with aquaman? I literally died when I saw the kissing scene with Superman and Wonderwomen, MY OTP IS FINALLY OFFICIALLY A THING, woop ! I have always thought that they would great together, even as a kid, surprised to see it take so long to become canon... I know they have been fooling around in the comic books but nothing for real, until now, hihihihihi. *shy face*  <3 

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