Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hi sweeties <3

How are you all doing? Just wanted to make a quick update. This weekend / past 3 days have been sooo in stressful since my boyfriends sister graduated (congratz <3) I had to fix  her makeup and I helped out with all the stuff / prepared the food for the guests before they arrived. Not gonna lie, I was just so freaking nervous, my anxiety level went from 0 to 100 real quick and if you know me well / reading my blog for a while y'all know that I suffer from panic / anxiety and it gets triggered very easily if it is a lot of people around me and if I am nervous (which I truly was) since I've got to meet his entire family, I mean as in relatives lol. It was around 30 different people, I was so tired, my feet hurt, I was nervous and yeah, it was a bit crazy at first for me but then I relaxed a bit more since I greeted everyone and some time went by and I got more comfortable. Overall, it went well so I am happy about that.

Right now I am just chilling, drinking my coffee and I thought I might as well blog a little bit since I been so crappy at it (seriously, I am the worst blogger of all time). My boyfriend is coming over soon so I better get something to eat and then I am going to jump in  to the shower real quick. Here are some pictures of me looking casual as well, my natural curly hair and no makeup -

Must go now, ttys :*

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