Monday, June 1, 2015


Hi sweeties !!! <3 

Omg, it has been such a looong time since I updated. Shame on me, I deserve a real spanking leaving you my sweet and adoreble readers alone here on this damned so called blog. Honestly last time I wrote here was about 2-3 months ago (!!!) and the last time I updated I wrote that I was getting my camera fixed which I did but I ended up buying the wrong lens so I switched it with a friend of mine that also has a Canon. She likes taking pictures of nature / object while I am using mine just for selfies and the lens that I bought didn't allow me to take selfies but hers do and it was the regular canon lens that comes with the camera when you buy one so I switched it for hers so she got mine and she got hers and everybody was happy, yay. <3 
Right after I got my camera fixed I broke my mobile internet stick (which looks like a memory stick) and I had such a pain in my butt getting it fixed because it didn't work and I had to go back and forth to the place changing it because the new internet stick didn't work / calling the operator which provides my subscription and gives me the internet /  change the card in the damn stick because they said it was broken / returned the other stick again and went to the place that provides my internet and got a new mini router directly from them etc. That was going on for a month because the holidays were up here in Sweden then it was Easter in between there, yeah, it was a big headache... 

A lot of new but exciting things has happened in my life, got rid of old friends and made some new ones as I mentioned earlier in my blog not too long ago because of various reasons. I am happy now with my relationships here in life compared to before, met some new awesome people that really lifts me up and makes me happy and that I have such a great time with. If we are talking about my life in , such things as finding a job , well that part is a complete massive hell,  I STILL haven't found one and it is HARD, especially in this city where I live. Y'all think it is easier to get a job in the big city? HAH , THINK AGAIN. It is NOT I can assure you that. It is with that mentality that has made it so difficult because about 1-2 years ago everyone thought that but what do you think happens when all the people start to believe in it? It gets very crowded in the big city and when it does the jobs that are availible gets taken. The ONLY way more or less to get a job at this point is through friends / family which I don't have that many of and they struggle as well. So yeah... Still looking though and maybe, just maybe, I might get something eventually... Even after 2 years of constant applying for different kind of work heh.

I am at a point in my life where I feel happy for once about my home, family and friends BUT when it comes to other things, about where / what you "suppose" to do here in life expected by the society it is practically where I am stuck and it makes me sort of depressed.. Can't even go back to school to study up my grades because of the stupid new rules they've put up here where I live, so I am fucked for life if I don't get a job by some sort of a miracle...

Otherwise, I am pleased and I don't want to complain to much, it can be worse. I have also dyed my hair blonde, atleast for the summer then I might go for a dark red / plum for the autumn, we shall see what happens... Also, I have a boyfriend now so my status is not single anymore, lol. So I have a boyfriend, new and great friend and things are great at home for now , that is the positive turn my life has taken for this past time since I blogged. I hope it will get better and if I find a job my life would be perfect. So send me some luck please because I could really use it right now, atleast for the job searching part ! <3  

Here are some brand new selfies of me since it was SUCH a long time I took really decent pictures of me ;) 

Love you all and I talk to you sooner or later. <3 :* 

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