Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trying To Stay Positive

Hi sweeties <3

As you may all have noticed I have changed the header/design on the blog. I am still working on it though so do not worry if it looks a little bit messy. I am not to fond with the header for my blog but I truly needed something up to date so the one that I have will do for now. I am also planning on doing a photoshoot soon so that I can have a nice header and some new pictures for y'all. I got tired of the old dark design / header, I might go for it again though towards fall/winter but now when it is summer I wanted something more light and a little bit more girly, so that is why I went for pink and purple (love purple though, one of my favorite colors). <3 

As for the latest post that I made I wasn't feeling exactly to explain some things, I just felt to shitty but I needed somehow to get it out of my system so I let the pictures speak for themselves, sometimes pictures are stronger than words imo. Anyways, the reason for that was because something not so cool happened. I am not going to get in to any details though for the respect for the person and I am not a shady person and I don't feel like putting out to much information about my life here on the blog (even if I kind of do because d'uh it is a blog). I have been kind of sulking in my own misery for the past days but sometimes here in life you gotta be strong and sometimes you have to think with your mind instead of your heart. I did what needed to be done because it was not only for myself, also in order to make things right, or atleast try but it has not been easy, not gonna lie. I know I might be tough AF but I am also human, sometimes things get way out of hand and the emotions are flowing overboard. It also feels like I am the only one fighting all the time and still gives a damn, I might seem to be cold as a person but come on, even that is cold even for me!
Idk, I am just so confused and I feel kind of hurt and discriminated and it pisses me of that the person doesn't see that he/she is causing all of this drama/bullshit and then tries to pin it on me and make ME feel bad or try to make me ALWAYS apologize for shit that I may have said / done but when he/she is the one who starts everything and dropping drama bombs then OH HELL NAH then when it is time to man up and actually say that he/she is sorry NOOO that just don't cut it. Yeah I am sort of pissed because that person didn't even apologize, I swear to god, if I said anything shady like that person said to me and would not apologize hell would break loose. That is some real bullshit right there. OOOH such a drama queen, everytime when things cool off and starts to go great that person needs to stirr in the pot but you know that? It is really starting to give me a bad taste in my mouth and I hope that the person realizes that if he/she does not stop whatever they've gotten into their stupid head I will make it stop, for good. Because I am done, I AM SO DONE with bullshit/drama, I don't need it it my life right now...

Wow, that was a big rant, sorry just started to type and I got everything out I guess. I think I needed that, lol. Atleast I am feeling a little bit better, I am bouncing back and I am taking day by day and it sort of gets easier, I am trying to surrender myself with positivity and just keeping myself busy and focusing on myself.

That is number 1 rule, stay positive and stay true to yourself, even though through darkest hours/moments here in life that are hard, just always fight and always try to bounce back on your feet, no matter how long it will take, you will get there eventually. <3

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