Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Loads Of Selfies + Update

Hi sweethearts <3 

Last time I updated was about a month ago, cheezuz, I am really a crappy blogger sometimes, but atleast I've been busy and a lot has been going on in my life and it is also summer, I have really been enjoying life this past month so... 
My computer was broken also for like 2 weeks, I don't know what happened it just crashed and I haven't had it for more than six months, I guess I am the only girl in this world with this kind of bad luck, lol. I returned it for reparation and it took like 2 weeks before it was fixed so I could fetch it out. I thought that I might update my blog since I got tons of new selfies since I bought a new phone because the one I had broke again (convenient, or not) so I have been really loving it to take selfies with also I have been active on my instagram a lot more so if you want to follow me just search on "jawavoncherie" and you will find me on there. I've noticed out of all my social media pages I have been mostly active there, even more active than here on my blog since I find it so easy to update just through the phone and upload a nice new selfie with my awesome new phone. Yeah, I am seriously that in love with my new phone and the camera in it, lol.

I remember that I mentioned before on my blog something about a photoshoot, that still have not happened yet since I am trying to find a photographer and I might have one but it is not for certain, we still discuss it but the plans for it are still in action. Things have also worked out with a certain someone if you read my latest blogpost and it is all good, for now. I am also going to London again by the end of august and I cannot wait to get out of here and just go absolutely mental with the shopping over there, woop! <3 
The situation at home is somehow calmed down even though my mum went to Turkey again because of a certain emergency and she will probably be there for 2 months even though she just basically recently came back from there after being down there for a month so yeah... I am not too keen on that but shit happens I guess... 

And how are things with me personally? Well, I am still holding up, kind of. It could've been a lot worse and there are a few viewpoints here in life that I would love to make a change for the better and I am still struggling with those but at the same time it doesn't go the way I want it to and it makes me a little frustrated and even depressed at times but I guess I just have to give it some time. That is all I can do for now, wait and see. Going on meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings, talking, meetings, talking, blablalbalbafuckingblalbablaaaefeafd. <----- as I mentioned not to long ago , a "little" frustrated, especially when I am planning things for my future since my future goals didn't go at all the way I thought they would and I am turning 21 this year (12th august) , my time is ticking and what do I do? just Blablabalbla my life away.... *anxiety starts to rise* 

I am not trying to think to much about it, as I said, my life is good , could have been worse and I learned to appreciate the good here in life and really live through the good moments. I have great friends, family is getting along, things are good with my BF , so yeah, relations in my life are on point but when it comes to the practical stuff, I don't honestly feel like thinking / talking about it so lets just leave it there shall we ;)

Here are tons of selfies btw, I think it is around 60 pictures soo... I have been good, enjoy - 

Went to see the movies "minions" and got my makeup look inspired from them, also, the yellow guy on the picture came with me, yes people stared but I dont care, I was just so happy, the movie was great and I was really feeling the minion vibe that that, as you may have noticed from the pictures. 

This day I felt super sinister, evil, witchy and just all around having a great fuck off day :) 

These below are the latest ones from my instagram, follow me there on - jawavoncherie

This was my look from yesterday :)

I love you all, I hope you liked this blogpost and I ttys, take care of yourselves and each other. Bye for now. <3 :*