Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back From London

Hi sweeties <3 

How are you all doing? I recently got home, I was actually in London for an almost an entire week and came home late last night back to Sweden and went straight to my boyfriends house because we went on this trip together. I slept the night there and now I am finally home, in my own bedroom , with my own computer in my own bed and just chilling. The trip down there has been amazing as expected, I seriously LOVE London, omg did so much shopping !! Oxford Street is the best. The hotel we were staying at was nice and the food was delicious. I felt like I really needed that trip since it has been going on so much lately in my life, it has been pretty stressful and I have had loads of stuff  so I felt like this is really what I needed to re-boost my energy back and give myself some peace in mind by giving it a rest.  I was so busy that I didn't even take 1 single picture while I was there compared to before when I was the last time there. I tuned out  THAT much. I couldn't give a less damn about anything while I was down there because let's get real, I got down there for a reason and that reason is to shut out all the stress and drama and just focus on my well being. It worked like a charm ! :)

I am feeling kind of exhausted because it has been a long day since the flight back and I am kind of feeling jet lagged at this point. Things at home are going great, it was seriously a pleasant surprise when I got back because I got my mind set to "here we go again..." but then it turned out to be something way better, I am really feeling the positive vibes in my home for the first time in MONTHS maybe even YEARS. This time I can really feel the change for something better and it is here to stay, at least for a good while and just that thought makes me so relaxed and happy, I feel kind of excited for the future now. That is something I haven't either been experiencing in a while so that is awesome. I even might have a job soon, I've been to a job interview and I even got something cooking up in that pot as well so yeah. It is all good. <3 

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